Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Omlet Hungry Bin Worm Composter

Those lovely people at Omlet have sent us a Hungry Bin to try out. The Hungry Bin is a new worm based composter designed to quickly and efficiently produce compost and a liquid plant food, from kitchen scraps as well as weeds and other organic waste. The worms can apparantly get through 2kg of scraps every day (nom nom nom)!

According to the makers, the Hungry Bin has a larger surface area than other wormeries in the market, resulting in a greater population of worms. This reduces the time it takes to convert food waste into compost. The tapered shape of the bin compresses the compost as it forms, encouraging the worms to the surface, which makes the hungry bin more efficient than other systems. This also ensures that worms don't have to be separated from the finished castings, which are then collected in an easily removable container.

Ours arrived last week and with the nice weather returning I got it set up in the garden.

Unpacking reminded me of the Russian Dolls, each part fitted neatly in the one before.
Twinkles in the background keeping an eye on proceedings.
The instuctions were clear to follow, and unlike me I actually read them rather than just dive in and hope for the best!

And there it is!
 After assembly the next thing was to add the inhibitants, the worms!!
A kilo of worms in bedding arrived to get the bin started, once they get established they breed, and breed and breed!
And there they are, in their new home, ready to eat!
This is our first foray into having a worm composter, so we will see how we get on, and report back on how the process works for us. Mark is keen to make his own "worm tea" for use in the garden. We now have to get used to saving scraps for them, my first few scraps were placed carefully on a plate in the kitchen, only to be tidied into the trash by Mark, we will have to get used to recycling our scraps rather than throwing them out!


Hungry Bin can be ordered directly from the Omlet Website - www.omlet.co.uk


  1. Hmm that will be interesting to follow your results. Not sure I want to do it since I really don't have the room but one never knows. It looks very nice sitting around though.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. I've yet to venture into worm composting too. Looking forward to following your adventure!

  3. Hi Cher, we are quite interested to see how easy (or not) this will be. Hopefully the garden will benefit, and less scraps into the waste bin.

    Bell and Star, we will post updates from time to time on how its going, so be sure to check for updates :)

  4. Hi Boys, used to have a wormery years ago and from memory it did produce brilliant, concentrated plant food. Good luck! Dave

  5. Would adding kitchen scraps end up making the garden smell? I like recycling but not sure I would want food smells wafting on a sunny day.

  6. Hi Faye, we understand that there shouldnt be any smells with the design of the bin, and assuming the worms work correctly. Its also suitauated away from the patio area so if there were to be a small smell we shouldnt notice it. This is our first foray into worm composting so hopefully we wont have any problems.

  7. Hello Gaz!

    Very interesting if you get compost out of it in a short time. Good luck!

    Garden Chair

  8. Hi GC, hopefully it will work well for us, thanks for your luck :)

  9. Hi Faye, Ben here (the inventor and designer of hungry bin). The bin shouldn't smell at all because the worms like to eat the food when it's soft, but before it's rotten. As long as you feed them at the same rate they are eating the food, you should never notice any smell. Because they eat their weight in food a day, and there are two - four kilos of worms in the bin, they get through a surprising amount of food waste. The result is perfect fertiliser and plant food. Good luck with your new friends Gaz!

  10. Hi Ben, thanks for the encouragement! Hopefully the worms will enjoy eating our waste! Looking forward to seeing the results for the garden in due course too.

  11. My neighbours have the 'Wiggly Worm' version and it has been going for years. They use the 'tea' all over the place. They collect it in the 4pt milk bottles. I look forward to seeing how you do with this. Oh and by the way how do you manage to get all these freebies???

  12. I've had worm bin(s) for almost five years and have never had an issue with smells- basically, I started with mix of peat moss and shredded newspaper, and buried the scraps.

    Good luck!

  13. Thanks Libby, hopefully will help boost the rest of the garden

    Hi Jill, thanks for visiting, hopefully we will avoid any smells and recycle various scraps


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