Monday, August 17, 2020

Conservatory Update


We haven't shared an update from the conservatory for a while, there has been a lot keeping us busy in the garden itself, and work commitments during Covid have been a little more unpredictable. Still rather than making excuses for the lack of an update, here we are with a look round in 2020.

Long standing readers will recall the summer of 2013 was quite an eventful time for us, both personally and in the garden. The garden fire was a significant hurdle to overcome, and with it coming at the same time as the house renovation lead to a very busy period for us. The positive from that year was of course the changes we made to our home, significant remodeling of our living space, the addition of the from porch and of course the conservatory that we added to the back of the kitchen.

This space, whilst fairly small (slightly less than 3m deep by 5m wide) has become a haven for us. a place to grow some of the plants that would not enjoy winters in a greenhouse, and also a tropical spot for us in winter. With the back of our home being north facing, we don't usually get too hot in summer, which is a typical complaint of many conservatory's.

We normally find one of the cats taking these chairs, Twinkles usually decides which ever chair is already occupied is the one she wants. Nick usually gives way reluctantly.

Nick seems to enjoy watching over us.
Alocasia wentii

Mostly we have dedicated the space to succulents, Agave, Euphorbia and Cactus, but several others have found space in here. 

We usually have a big spring clean in here, giving it the once over, pulling everything out, as one of the drawback of so many plants is we seem to end up with a collection of bugs and spiders. Fargil provide a full valeting service for conservatory's. 

Agave 'Sun Glow'
Agave 'Kissho Kan'

Agave weberi 'Limelight'

Agave 'Sun Glow'
A collection of succulents under our small tv

Agave 'Joe Hoak'

Its amazing how fast this year is flying by, its the middle of August already. We will reveal our latest garden project in due course, but for now you will have to keep on waiting a while longer!



  1. It all looks so pristine, every plant, the white floor, walls, no dust or cobwebs on the plants...what a beautiful space! All the greenery looking in, too.

  2. I LOVE this space! It looks like an incredibly comfortable spot and I'm afraid I might be inclined to evict Twinkles if necessary to have a seat in one of those white chairs. Your plant collection seems to have expanded in size! Beautiful specimens one and all.

  3. So lucky to have a conservatory. Fabulous space! My grandmother had one at her apartment, similar to yours, and full of plants all winter. All of your plants look incredibly happy and healthy.

  4. Your plants all look in perfect condition and the conservatory looks like a real haven.

  5. I don't think I properly understood just how many plants you have in there!

  6. that little red dog looking warily at the spiky plants, love it! So nice to hear from you again. I'm inclined to interpret incredibly beautiful, well-cared-for plants and spaces as meaning that the owners are doing well too -- hope that's true! I imagine you've been incredibly busy for the last six months or so...can't wait to hear about the latest project.


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