Tuesday, November 24, 2015


It has been a month or so since we last wrote a blog post and even longer since one was penned by me.

In that time this blog turned five, yay Happy Birthday us! although perhaps the fact we missed it has some relevance. 

We have had a few comments and messages just recently asking whether everything was ok, or whether the blog had a glitch. I guess when you go from being frequent bloggers to taking a break it is obvious to those that follow closely the day-to-day activity and changes.

So to start lets put your mind, dear reader, at rest, everything is fine with us, the garden has had a good year and the tender plants are mostly put to bed for the winter. Although as always there is the odd plant that was missed (buying opportunity for next year!)

We both have had quite busy work lives recently, and with the garden mostly just ticking along and growing this year (no big projects etc) we have concentrated on other things. There has been plenty of non-gardening related activity, days out sightseeing, visits to the theatre, enjoying the local music scene, even many more frequent visits to the cinema.

Blogging has taken something of a back seat, and rather than just publish anything for the sake of it we have dropped away from things quite a bit.

What was interesting to note is that whilst we have dropped away completely for the last month you guys haven't, despite not publishing anything since mid October 14,000 of you have visited the blog, comments have continued to be posted and messages to us have arrived.

We will no doubt get our blogging mojo back at some point and have had a couple of conversations about how we take the Alternative Eden forward in the future, but for now we will continue with the interval. 

Ice creams and refreshments can be purchased in the foyer.

Gaz :)