About this blog

Alternative Eden started off as an exotic gardening blog in 2010, documenting our gardening adventures as we developed our garden which has an exotic and tropical theme. It also served as a portal of the progress of our pond build which was completed in the spring of 2013.

With the passage of time and our full time careers progressing, we have also found our interests diversifying to include many more things together with exotic gardening. And with this we have decided to let the blog follow us too, to evolve and go beyond its past niche, and diversify as much as we have.

Amazing Tokyo
Exotic Gardening will remain our main preoccupation outside of work, the love for it remains hence will continue to be a major part of the 'new blog'. But it will now include more features on our wanderlust tendencies, of our travels local and beyond; of our dabbles into interior design and home decoration; and of various other musings under the general umbrella of so called 'lifestyle'.

Join us in our adventures, in gardening and beyond...

About us

Mark is a full time clinical specialist in apheresis and peripheral blood stem cell collection, and is a facility director of a unit in a large private hospital based in central London.

Gaz is a senior manager for one of the top accountancy firms in the UK and Europe, and is a business development consultant to multiple high profile clients. His main base is in central London but frequently travels all over the country as part of his consultancy role.

Other characters you will find appearing in our blog from time to time are our pets:

Knickers - the oldest and the the only male in the kitty trio, but somehow not at thetop of the pecking order. Still a very handsome cat (in our eyes) and has a beautiful tuxedo.

Twinkles - the middle cat and the one on top of the pecking order. She is also the sweetest of them all, very affectionate and appreciative of cuddles. She often prioritizes cuddles first when she sees us before food, not that this is exceptional! Fluffy and long haired cuteness in the winter, slender and elegant in the summer.

Cotton - the newest and youngest of the trio, full of energy and with bags of character. She is also the noisiest and most vocal of the lot!

No longer with us but not forgotten...

Charcoal - our original garden cat and has appeared on our earliest posts, her memory lives on. She now resides permanently under the second raised bed nearest to the new koi pond so she will be near the fish which we think she would have approved.

And of course a whole host of Koi! And the very reason why we dug such a huge hole and the cause of our hard work for more than two years. We had both kept fish in aquariums when we were younger and had always had a keen interest in fish. When creating the bottom patio area in the garden a raised goldfish pond was planned. This was upgraded to a small koi pond, and gave us the bug to want to expand. Regular readers will be well acquainted with our 8000 gallon koi pond build.

All content is copyright of Alternative Eden, however if you wish to refer to any of our posts please do so but ensure they are correctly referenced. If you wish to use any photographs please ask first, and credit them to AlternativeEden.com.