Contact Us

We enjoy reading comments left on our blog as well as hearing directly from you. So do please keep in touch if there is anything you would like to ask or discuss with us, or even if you just want to share or know more about the plants, gardens, and other places we feature.

We are also involved in various other activities and attend several events. If you wish you can follow our activities via our Facebook page and Twitter account, both of which are active and constantly updated.

If you would like to extend an invitation to see your garden or attend related gardening activities for us to cover, feel free to keep in touch.

And if you do see us around in garden shows and plant fairs, do say hi and introduce yourself. We enjoy meeting people and and would love to know your name. We promise we won't bite!

Visiting the Garden

As it stands there are currently no plans to join any general open garden schemes nor have a designated open garden day. The garden on the whole will remain private. We do however enjoy receiving visitors and showing them around, both individuals and small groups by prior arrangements. Send us a message and we can hopefully agree on something.

Due to the nature of planting the garden looks its best from spring till early autumn. Visiting at other times of the year is possible too if you so wish during the colder months.

Occasionally we participate in closed/members only open days with certain plant societies and exchange visits from other koi clubs. If this is applicable to you, visiting us is possible this way. Updates on these events will be posted here, on Twitter, and Facebook as they are arranged.