Thursday, November 18, 2010

Winter Jobs

Its that time of the year when we tend to start thinking ahead to next year. During the winter period is often when we get stuck into many of the hard landscape type jobs, partly to keep active and be outside when the weather is cold, but also to save the warmer summer period to enjoy cultivating the plants.

Last winter saw the veranda completed, a new deck and some new fencing erected, jobs that may have been better done in warmer times but I am glad we did them when we did.

This coming winter will no doubt have several winter projects to keep us active as well. As yet we haven't decided quite what the schedule will be but there's another section of fence to build, and more digging for the new koi pond, there is still quite a lot of soil, clay and chalk to dig out. (We will put together a series of photos on the work so far at some point).

We haven't yet finished getting the garden ready for winter, there are still a lot of fallen leaves to tidy up, pruning and removing of dead annuals to undertake, but nearly all of the plants that needed to be moved to a winter home have now been moved, so we will get stuck back into the larger jobs again soon.

November is a strange month in the garden in lots of ways, we haven't really finished this gardening year, but are not ready to start the next, plus its the first month of cold gloomy days.
Roll on Spring!



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