Monday, February 07, 2011

Garden Visit: Penjerrick Garden, Cornwall

One of the most atmospheric and beautiful gardens in Cornwall, Penjerrick Garden is a must see if you're into Subtropical and Jungle style of gardening. Even if you're not, it's well worth going to for its mysterious and secluded atmosphere.

Unlike most Cornish valley gardens, Penjerrick is unique in that it is not heavily manicured, it is mostly left looking as natural as possible without losing the harmony of the planting. A lot of the specimens found there are from original Victorian introductions, from collections made by plant hunters of that era.


The location is very sheltered and benefits from a mild microclimate that allows several borderline hardy plants to thrive and flourish there. Attesting to that are most of the tree ferns (Dicksonia antarctica) you'll find there are self sown and have been growng there for several decades.

A wonderful gem of a garden that is not as well known and publicised as other Cornish gardens. But that's part of its charm and one of the reasons why it has retained its magical atmosphere :)


  1. Thanks for showing us this garden. It is divine. The bench, with all its moss decoration is my favourite. Or maybe that path leading to Who Knows Where? Actually, the dampness and moss and .....I could go on. It is truly lovely.

  2. what a beautiful, magical garden and the moss on the trees...stunning

  3. Dear Mark and Gaz, The microclimates of so many cornish gardens do result in the most amazing plant collections being capable of withstanding the conditions outdoors. Penjerrick has a Jurassic Park look to it and is, as you say, rather more appealing as it is not on the main tourist trail.

  4. Mark and Gaz, Penjerrick, looks like one great place to visit. As for that garden bench,fantastic, why cant I get away with neglect.

  5. Wow - definitely one to put on the list for our holiday this year! :-)

  6. one word: LUSH!! felt like a rain forest!

  7. Definitely my kind of garden. It brings the happy un-sociability side of me to the fore. I would want to visit it alone and would get cross and hide behind a bush any time I saw another human hoving into site. It looks wonderful


  8. Thanks for sharing those beautiful and amazing garden pictures. The garden looks so peaceful and wonderful.

  9. I love that bench, how could anyone dare sit on it with all that beautiful moss and lichen growing on it!

    A subtropical haven indeed! And has that Jurassic feel to it. It's not that well known and receives very few visitors and it's possible to be the only visior there at any one point.

    They operate on an honesty box basis, no staff to keep an eye on you. No disabled facility, toilets, cafe, and gift shop too. But that's all part of its charm.

    Julia, glad to know you're going on holiday to Cornwall again. This garden is definitely up your sleeve! Wear sturdy hiking footwear and bring a rain mac just in case, and yes a camera :)

  10. Possibly one of the loveliest gardens I've visited in Europe. Makes you feel like you are 5 years old again and discovering new parts of your back garden... They say Shangri-La isn't a real place but I bet to differ!


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