Monday, May 23, 2011

Garden Visit: Bosahan

We have recently visited Bosahan Garden in Cornwall. This garden was recommended to us by friends who had visited several years ago. When we were in Cornwall last September we tried to visit only to discover the gardens were only open until early September, so sadly it had been a wasted trip.

This time, however we made sure the gardens were going to be open, and made the journey along some of the narrowest (and in places steepest) roads Cornwall has to offer. Fortunately we were not to be disappointed a second time.

Bosahan is a typical Cornish Valley Garden and like Penjerrick (See our blog from last year) it is not heavily commercialised. There are no plant sales nor tea rooms and payment for entry to the gardens is via an honesty box.

On first entering the garden we could tell this was going to be an enjoyable visit, towering Trachycarpus fortunei that must have been getting on for 100 years old lined the pathway into the garden, with a tempting view to the estuary beyond the main house. Like many Cornish gardens the house is not open to visitors.

The stream and valley is packed with more ancient Trachycarpus, Rhododendrons, enormous Dicksonia antartica tree ferns, bamboos, as well as a selection of native and exotic trees. The pathway and valley changes from a more tended garden into a very naturalistic landscape. This really did feel like we were trekking in some Asian temperate valley.

The valley eventually leads down to a secluded cove, which was completely deserted.

The more tended part of the garden has a wonderful pool complete with an island and yet more huge palms.

Bosahan really is a wonderfully escapist garden, and being off the beaten track does not have the large numbers of visitors that some of the more famous Cornish Gardens attracts, well worth the £4 entrance fee.


  1. What a wonderful old garden. Those trees are magnificent.

  2. This is a garden I've wanted to see for ages, but sadly a long way from where I live, so thanks for sharing your pictures. Charlotte

  3. Just beautiful. The giant Dicksonias are impressive. I wouldn't mind living there, actually :-)

  4. What a glorious garden - I've never been, just to Trebah (my favourite) and similar "big name" gardens. Those palms create an eerily prehistoric feel.

  5. Thanks guys! It's a truly wonderful, and old garden! I suspect most of the Dicksonias and Trachycarpus there are already self sown :)

  6. Did you walk up the other valley..even more jungle esque!

  7. Thanks for popping round Adam :) Yes we did and it's very atmospheric!

  8. I'm back in New Zealand again. Gardens in Cornwall are some of the best. We visited the usual Heligan and the Eden Centre some years ago and another garden which had spectacular bamboo, gunnera and tea on the Terrace.But I can't remember the name...

  9. That could be Heligan Janet :) One of the great Cornish valley gardens!


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