Monday, August 29, 2011

Moving a Greenhouse

In what will eventually become our growing on area we had erected a small greenhouse last year. However we had realised a few weeks back that we had put it up too close to the pond, so it would encroach on the future pond filtration house.

So with that in mind we spent the morning taking all the glass out of the frame.

This allowed us to move the frame about two feet further away to give us the extra space needed for the filtration house. I know it seems like a lot of effort for very little gain, but moving it was needed so we decided it was worth the time.

Knickers inspecting the new location.

Having temporarily removed all of the plants inside, we also took the opportunity to give each of them some extra TLC, some weeding or trimming as necessary.

And voila! The greenhouse in its new position. 

This was one of those jobs that takes up quite a lot of time but the extra space gained will be very well used in the future filtration house!



  1. Your greenhouse is the perfect size in relation to the rest of the space. I've seen some that dwarf everything else around them and end up looking silly.

  2. I agree that the move will prove worth it in the long run. I'm still so impressed with all your work every time I visit your blog.

  3. You make it look so easy! I should really move my own one round as it is facing the wrong way but I cant bare to do it...i still have a scar from broken glass a are obviously very professional!

  4. That sounds like a project here. Something new always seems to cause something else to be done. Your moving right along though.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  5. I am spending quite a lot of time deliberately NOT thinking about having to take down the greenhouse next year when we move. And about the need to carefully label the frame. And even more carefully pack the glass. *Sigh*, I will try and forgive you for reminding me ;-)

  6. This is the third post I have read today about greenhouses....I think the universe is trying to tell me something. Watch my space.

  7. Thanks Gerhard! It does look in proportion to the space as it's a relatively narrow area. But a greenhouse is never big enough for a plant lover like us. I totally agree though that if a greenhouse is too big for it's space it can dominate the area and can be an eyesore. I think the ordinary aluminium greenhouse is rather too functional looking to be a main feature of any garden. If size matters, then it's best to aim for a glasshouse rather than a greenhouse.

    A good idea for a separate blog me thinks :)

    Thanks Bom! I was hesitant at first to move the greenhouse, so much effort needed when we only need to move it about two feet away. I was tempted to leave it be and make the filtration house smaller instead, but I knew it would regret cutting corners so we carried on. I'm sooo glad we did it though :)

    I can emphatise with your sentiments Clive, it seemed so much of a chore to get the move started but it was needed so had to be done. It wasn't so bad once we got started and the job is so much easier if there's two people doing it. We started 9am and finished it 1pm. I'm just glad it's all done now. And I hate handling glass too!

    Hi Cher, sometimes the trickiest bit is getting started, but once you do it goes quick :)

    I'm glad I'm forgiven Janet :) Moving greenhouses and removing glass is one of my least 'favourite' gardening jobs. Phew, just glad it's all sorted out...for now. Take lots and lots of photos while dismantling your greenhouse, so you can refer to them when you reassemble it back again. It will be worth it :)

    Hazel, the universe is definitely telling you something (get a greenhouse, get a greenhouse she says...). I'll watch you space indeed. For the meantime I'm enjoying your outdoor kitchen build!

  8. Lol! Yes Esther, and the new one is called Twinkles

  9. What a pane! (get it - pane!!!) Ha I'm so funny...

  10. Oh, you two must be so patient! I can't imagine not being frustrated with this. Great job - it will be worth it.

  11. That's clever one Martin :)

    Thanks Holley,just glad it's done now :)

  12. Wow, that's a lot of work to do! But am sure you'll be very happy when it's all fully working.


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