Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pond Build, Next Steps

Next week will be The Queens Diamond Jubilee, 60 years on the throne is quite an achievement (only the second diamond jubilee in British history). Now I'm sure London will be packed next week with visitors all celebrating, but for us it gives us an extra day to push on with the Big Pond project. For those not familiar with British public holidays we normally have a holiday the last Monday in May, but this year that has been moved to the first week in June to give us 2 days off (with a bonus day for the Jubilee). Mark and I have taken advantage and booked three days annual leave, so we get a nine day break (including the weekends) from work for the cost of three days annual leave. I suspect we are not the only ones as many of my colleagues are doing the same.

The main border by the new pond
Nick likes to keep an eye on what we are up to
The current weather forecast looks promising and so it should allow us to get plenty done. The blockwork in relation to the pond is now all complete, so what lies ahead?
The Last of the block work was finished off
The next major item is to plan and build a pergola over the pond, to provide shade for the fish (and help prevent green water) and also to provide some privacy from neighbouring houses when we are sat on the decked area that will eventually be built next to the pond. Hopefully we will get this pretty much finished next week.
What its all about, our existing fish
After that we have to plan the electrical set up in the filter house. We will need to have an electrician set up a connection from our house and a fuse box in the filter house itself. This can then feed both lighting and electrical sockets for the equipment.

Whilst planning this we also need to think about the garden lighting in the general pond area, and we’ve been looking for something interesting. Whilst we are in construction mode its easy to hide any cables required to feed outdoor lights. We want to be able to enjoy the area even in the darker months, or in those warm summer evenings (lets hope we get plenty of those this year). Currently we are thinking of adding a light on the outside of the filter house, and then spot lights over the pond. In addition we may add some small lights in the deck area, possibly also an outdoor socket to make it easier to relax with a laptop next to the pond.

Several of the members of our local Koi Club has spot lights over their ponds and its incredible how much difference this makes when viewing the fish, they almost sparkle with the extra light.
Tims Pond, complete with spot lights and covered pergola
John's Pond, enjoying the fish even with the evening closing in.
After the pergola is built we can move the focus away from the pond itself and finish off the filter house, filters and then the seating area. It does now feel like we are finally on the home straight with the build!



  1. Nine days off for the price of three! What a great deal - I wonder if your entire country will be closing shop! :) You are truly building your pond right - thinking of everything before instead of after. Lighting over the pond sounds deliciously inviting.

  2. Congratulations on finishing the block work, though it looks like you still have a lot of intricate tasks ahead of you. Your koi are lucky to have such dedicated owners... :)

  3. Into the home stretch it seems! 9 days off -- how wonderful. You'll surely get a lot of work done on the pond and pergola (didn't know this was also in the plants). I hope the weather cooperates.

  4. Bet you can't wait to get this finished, can you Boys? You've been working so hard on it now for so long. Love the koi shot! D

  5. It's so exciting to put a step behind and move onto the next. I know there's still a lot to do but you are getting so close.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  6. Holly, Hopefully not everyone will be taking time off work, but the extra days holiday is a great bonus, whether one is celebrating the jubilee or not.

    CG, thanks, yes lots of small jobs ahead.

    Bom, It does seem like we are now on the final stretch of this project. This time of year is easy to be distrcted with other garden related tasks.

    David, Glad you like the fish, and yet you are right we cant wait to enjoy the fish in their new home.

    Cher, thanks for your kind words, its quite an exciting time knowing we dont have any more blocks to lay.

  7. Hey Guys, I am back. I was away due to ill health and operations. I see your project is moving fast, but I thought that you would be taking the 9 days off for a vacation. But, that's not the case it seems :-).

  8. Gaz, your main border by the new pond looks absolutely terrific! Love the cat photo, too! Wow, you guys have quite some work planned in for your vacation, but it sounds like you are really enjoying doing your pond project, so good luck with realizing the next phase of it. I have never thought about spot lights over a koi pond, but the photo of John's pond shows the benefits of them very well!

  9. Compared to all the digging and block laying, the next stages really are the home straight. How exciting.

  10. KL, glad to see you again, hope you are feeling well again. We had recently had a holiday down to Cornwall, so this break will be be a stay-cation!
    Christina, thanks, and Nick says miaow :) The lighting makes a real difference, and even better when you see it for real, the photo doesnt capture it as well as it looks at Johns.

    Missy, we certainly hope so :)

  11. Enjoy your holiday! I liked seeing your friends' ponds. Now I have an idea what your finished project will resemble. I look forward to seeing it. By the way, I think your fish are beautiful. They look like they are eagerly awaiting their new pond. The lights will be the finishing touch to show them to their best advantage.

  12. Now that's what I call a sensible way to spend the Jubilee weekend!

  13. Hi Debs, Glad you liked the other ponds, its been helpful to get to know other koi keepers in our area. Always lots of good ideas to borrow!

    Victora, if only it stays dry for the rest of the weekend!

  14. I am thoroughly enjoying following your pond building journey. I love 'Koi' and would love them myself, sadly I can't persuade hubby.

  15. Thanks Libby! Progress is slowed down a bit due to weather but hoping to at least get most of the wood work done by the end of the week :)

  16. Quite the long term project, every day is a step closer to completion. You'll certainly be able to appreciate it for years to come as a centerpiece to an already incredible tropical garden. Always stoked to see your progress, a pergola will be a nice touch!

  17. SGP, thanks for your nice comments, glad you like the garden. The timber arrived today so all we have to do it build it now!


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