Sunday, June 28, 2015

Not Much Left Now!

As we enter summer and the growing season continue to progress (yes, even when summer solstice has just gone past) the potted plants under cover tend to also go on an exodus outside.

That includes the potted succulents in the koi shed. Not much is left there now. It started off like this during the winter:

By last week it was like this:

This weekend:

The only ones left are the ones that are either too small to make it outside and needs to grow on a bit first, needing TLC, or simply just waiting for a pot appropriate for it.

So where did most of them go? Those who are 'friends' with me on Facebook will have a clue already. Let's just say I haven't been collecting these goodies without a plan all along.

One thing that has piled up inside though are the plastic dishes that used to line them. Quite a nice happy looking tower it is I must say, very rainbow and very appropriate for the current turn of events too!

Mark :-)


  1. Such a neat, well-ordered space looks good both before and after. I'll enjoy seeing the pots in their summer vacation spots.

    1. Quite nice to see the shelves empty Kris :)

  2. Hi Mark, I am glad most of your succulents got into the garden for a summer vacation. I am always wondering how you take care of so many potted plants. And your always look like they are in pristine condition.
    Have a good start into the new week!

    1. The succulents respond so much better when outside Christina :) have a good week ahead!

  3. The rainbow colored bowls were an inspired choice that looked just fabulous on your shelves!

  4. All those succulents! I bet they look awesome in their new destination, which I think I have seen on facebook.

  5. Loved your colorful succulent shelves and love where they've ended up!


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