Monday, May 23, 2016

RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2016 - Artisan Gardens

Small but packs a huge punch, the Artisan Gardens...

Papworth Trust, Together We Can

Viking Cruises Mekong Garden

The Garden Bed - A Partnership With Asda

Pro Corda Trust - A Suffolk Retreat

Senri-Sentei - Garage Garden

Meningitis Now Futures Garden

Up Next, The Fresh Gardens.

Mark :-)


  1. It looks like some quite different ones from usual - I'm looking forward to seeing them myself on Wednesday

    1. Hope the weather is good on Wednesday :) quite a nice mix this year!

  2. LOVE the Garage Garden! I don't think there's a thing about it I don't like. Big smile. :)

  3. Oh the Senri-Sentei - Garage it, want it!

  4. Happy to find your blog, today! I'm dreaming of visiting Chelsea Flower Show, someday. Especially Garage Garden impressed me! We cannot afford a huge garden here in Japan. But seeing your photos here, I think we could built a nice gardens like those:) Thank you for sharing! I'm the newest follower:)

  5. Senri-Sentei - Garage Garden is fab! Together We Can is interesting but needs some yellow, maybe even orange to shake it up a bit.

  6. Somehow, I missed all but one of your Chelsea posts on the first pass so I'm playing catch-up now. (I rely on Blogger to update my list of recent blog posts but sometimes there's a huge lag and I miss things, as happened here.) I love that carport garden!


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