Saturday, June 11, 2016

The Table is Set

I didn't get to finish the planting of the succulent table the other evening so the following evening I finally managed to and here it is now...

And it was oiled too! Until I saw again what it looked like last year did I realise how much the wood has aged to grey. Nothing wrong with that and such a finish is nice in its own right too but I much prefer it in a deeper sheen like how it was before. Two coats of Danish oil later and that deep sheen was restored.

If you notice on the background that the area by the fence is still in disarray. The pot display on the patio is as good as finished already but both areas where the fences are still needed some extra attention, which it got this weekend...

Mark :-)


  1. The freshly restored table looks very inviting! I hope you enjoy many delightful evenings there this summer.

    1. Hopefully Kris, but it's looking like this coming week will be a very wet, non alfresco dining one!

  2. Hi Mark, how lovley that you got your outdoor dining area ready for use! Now the weather just has to become nice and warm, so that you are able to use it! I wish you many enjoyable meals on this one of a kind table!
    Warm regards,

  3. Bravo! Interesting, inviting and exciting!

  4. Nice to see it back in top form!

  5. Well done as always! When shall we arrive for tea?

  6. This is such a cool idea. One of these summers I'll come visit you to see the table in person :-).

  7. What a great job you've done. The table decorations look as if they've always been there.


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