Wednesday, July 06, 2016

RHS Hampton Court Flower Show 2016 - Show Gardens

Our coverage of this year's edition of Hampton Court Flower Show continues with a look at the show gardens. 

The show gardens are under different categories: Main Show Gardens, Water Gardens, Summer Gardens, Conceptual Gardens, Capability Gardens, World Gardens, and City Gardens.

We had a quick whizz through all of them and on most occasions only passed by once. With limited time, we can only take photos as how we found them at that moment, so apologies for the few unnecessary characters found within the scenes. And the photos are not arranged by categories. But it should still give a nice glimpse at this years garden displays.

Without further ado, here they are!

The Squires 80th Anniversary Garden - Gold

Indian Celebration 

All the World's a Stage - Silver Gilt

The Dogs Trust: A Dog's Life - Gold

Immerse - Silver (this was my favourite, surprised it only won silver)

WWT Working Wetlands Garden supported by HSBC - Gold

The Viking Cruises Scandinavian Garden - Gold

Witan Investment Trust Global Growth Garden - Silver Gilt

Zoflora: Outstanding Natural Beauty - Gold

World Vision Garden - Gold

PMS: Outside Inside for NAPS - Silver Gilt

Inner City Grace - Silver Gilt

Streetscape's Summer in Sussex - Silver

The Drought Garden - Silver Gilt

New Horizons - Silver Gilt

Youth Workz Garden - Bronze

Japanese Summer Garden - Silver

Katie's Lymphoedema Fund: Katie's Garden - Silver

CCLA: A Summer Retreat - Gold

Final5: Retreat Garden - Silver Gilt

The Abbeyfield Society: a Breath of Fresh Air - Silver Gilt

The Lavender Garden - Gold

The Bowel Disease UK Garden for Crohn's Disease - Gold (another personal favourite)

Wormhole (Foramen vermis)

The Red Thread - Gold

Near Future Garden - Gold

The Peacemaker - Bronze

The Outdoor Room: Inner Demons - Gold

Striving for Survival - Silver Gilt

Our Lives in Time's Hands - Silver Gilt

UNHCR: Border Control Garden - Gold

Greenhouse Effect - Silver Gilt

Rolawn: Why? - Gold

Normandy and 1066 Country Medieval Garden - Bronze

Turismo de Galicia The Route of the Camellia - Silver Gilt

Journey Latin America's Inca Garden - Silver

Great Gardens of the USA - The Oregon Garden - Silver Gilt

Great Gardens of the USA - The Charlestone Garden - Silver

Great Gardens of the USA - The Austin Garden - Silver Gilt

Feel Good Front Gardens

Not a show garden but just to throw into the mix, inside the Butterfly Dome:

Mark :-)


  1. I always miss some of the show gardens so this has been a great way to catch up! My favourite would have been the Oregon Garden if I'd seen it. I can see why you like the Bowel Cancer garden - lots of exotic planting!

    1. It kind of reminds me of our garden hence the bias :) our photos don't do it any justice at all.

  2. So many! It's easy to get overly critical and point out what I don't like, but I'll just say that there are lots of ideas that I'd steal for my own garden. Thanks for the tour! :)

    1. It's up to us as viewers to separate the wheat from the chaff I suppose. Some nonsense goin on there but some very nice ones too. A pleasure Alan!

  3. My favorite is the Dog's Trust Garden, mainly because those soft floral colors appeal to me right now. The judging criteria are less clear to me than the Chelsea show. I don't get why the Squire's Garden got gold, for example - it's pretty but not extraordinary. Ditto the Lavender Garden. Perhaps I'd have felt differently if I so them up close. Thanks for sharing your visit!

    1. I have to say the results have baffled us too Kris. And it's a good year for conceptual gardens too when it comes to getting gold, too much I think....

  4. I was expecting more like yesterday. Little do I know. These look like Chelsea wannabes. The only garden I liked at all was Squire's 80th Anniversary. The use of the crimson color in the fittings and in the flowers was magnificent. It really flowed and held it all together. Gold contrast was good. I liked that I could actually use some of these ideas. I thought the flowing water was wonderfully clever. How cooling!

    I am very glad you provided this tour and I did not have to do it on foot. Thank you.

    1. A pleasure Jane! And yes Squires garden is very nice, even more so in person.

  5. I should have known better than to read this on my iPad! So much I want to say, but difficult to remember. I liked the ones you did too, of course. And rather liked the stream with the crevice garden-ish bottom, although the rest of the garden not so much. The Oregon garden looked a little messy...too much? Speaking of too many gardens! I can't imagine the visual overload you must feel being there in person.

    1. Visual overload it was Loree. Even when doing this post, I had to do it in three instalments as there were so many! Also I initially planned on tagging you on the Oregon garden to check what you think of it, and I had an inkling on what your opinion will be (I was spot on) ;)

  6. Great tour! I appreciated all the sculptural elements in several of the gardens. The Immersion was my number one fave, but there were others I liked too. I too am always baffled at who gets the gold, and who doesn't. This past spring in Seattle, I learned that some of the criteria (for that show, at least) was to have a certain percentage of the space covered in flowers. Perhaps this was because it is called the Northwest FLOWER and Garden Show - who knows? The result was that what I considered the best ones usually ended up with less than gold.

    1. I must say, the judging criteria has baffled us as well. It can get daft sometimes how much of the criteria is allocated to things that may seem nonsensical to us audience. I think you may be right with the flower criteria thing on the Northwest show.

  7. This was fun! Kudos to you for capturing it all for our enjoyment. At least in photos, I find the simpler the better. In person, I'm sure the more chaotic designs had their charms.

    1. Some of them were better in person, some vice versa. I think they gave too many golds on the conceptual gardens...

  8. Bravo for getting them all! The Summer Retreat for me I think. Some are really quite bizarre.

    1. Ahh that's nice as well. And yes, lots of bizarre ones!

  9. Almost all of these put the sad display gardens at the SF Garden Show to shame ! Hard to pick a favorite, but I am partial to Zoflora and the Summer Retreat . Thanks for taking time to post all these pics !

  10. Great, thanks so much for this. So many interesting ideas to ponder if not to use.

    The Immersive was very cool, maybe too much hardscape to be a gold winner? The Crohn's disease and the dog garden--my pair would have fun digging out that reflecting pool in minutes. The border control garden? Wince.

  11. Lots of fun ideas in these many gardens. It's always amazing to me how designers keep coming up with new and interesting gardens that are put together in such a short time.


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