Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Yorkshire Revisited

Almost five years ago we wrote about friends garden in Yorkshire. Well last weekend we went "up North" for a visit and although the garden is only just waking up in April it was a delight to revisit this gem.

An old beach tree that was removed due to disease lives on as these characters

As you enter the garden a greenhouse that most of us would be very proud of greats you. full of tempting exotics tucked away for winter periods. Bananas were just starting to wake up. Unfortunately I go carried away in talking about the plants to actually remember to take a photo inside.


The stone cottage would typically be surrounded by cottage style plantings, however a backbone of hardy yuccas and tetrapanax and an understory of far more interesting plants provide a much more interesting feel.

A brave cat surveys her territory

The garden has a great addition with a valley style portion to the side of the house, with a covering of large deciduous natives, the exotics give a Cornish feel to this garden. Something we remarked on in our previous blog.

 The dappled spring sunlight filtering through a stand of bamboo.

One of the other garden kitties "helping out" by stripping the bark
Once again we were delighted to visit our friends garden, and we promise not to leave it quite so long for a follow up.



  1. Wonderful garden! I enjoyed the kitty pics too.

    1. It is and looking forward to seeing it in the summer :)

  2. I remember Don buying that crocodile lol!

  3. Wonderful space worthy of a visit.

  4. I remember being blown away by your first visit and this garden is just as fabulous the second time around. Brave kitty, indeed, to be sitting on that crocodile's head!

    1. It does show how good a garden it is that it looks this good after a poor cool spring.

  5. I can quite understand why you got carried away talking about the plants and forgot to photograph in the greenhouse - although I would have been struck dumb by the gorgeous greenhouse itself! Love the trolls in the woods as well, haha, brilliant!


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