Monday, August 24, 2020

Fascicularia bicolor ssp. canaliculata

Fascicularia bicolor ssp. canaliculata
Fascicularia bicolor ssp. canaliculata 

Several years ago a pot grown Fascicularia bicolor ssp. canaliculata was starting to look in need of attention. It had been part of the patio display we feature occasionally however it was time to divide and repot. Looking back we featured this plant six years ago, and its come on well since then.

Deciding on what to do we remembered that as well as being quite happy in a pot or the ground in good conditions, that it also grows as an epiphyte in its natural habitats. As a result we decided to see how it would respond in the adjacent Taxus bacatta tree. We have been asked how we attached it and created a suitable planting spot, but the reality is somewhat simpler. We left the existing rootball intact and lodged it in a three way fork in the branches. 

Several years later (we suspect over ten years but are slightly hazy on the timescale), and it is looking happier than ever, and is gearing up to flower again this year. Other than any leaf litter that builds up this doesn't get any special treatment. 

We have recently decided to try a small plant further up in the tree, hopefully this will establish in the branches too, but time will tell.



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