Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Trewidden Gardens

 A new garden for us in Cornwall was Trewidden. We had previously visited the Nursery on the site (Now at Penbeth Plants).

Trewidden is fairly classic Cornish Estate garden, connected to the large house, with walled gardens and informal pleasure gardens.  On entering the garden, fairly quickly we met a stunning group of tree ferns.

The gardens are fairly typical estate gardens, established Victorian and early 20th century plantings, along side slightly more recent additions.

A plant we would love an ID for if anyone recognises this one.

An un-named Cordyline clump.

In the middle of the garden is a pond, surrounded by Gunnera. 

Also by the pond is a Butia odorata planted in the 1890s showing significant wear and tear!

The high levels of rain fall creates wonderful mossy scenes.

metasequoia glyptostroboides

A Metasequoia glyptostroboides looking very much like it should be on the set of a horror film!

During our visit the rains decided to remind us why Cornwall is usually so green, so we probably didnt stay as long as we had originally planned to. However this is a garden well worth adding to the list to visit in Cornwall.



  1. There are no classic gardens like that in my part of the world! I'm envious.

    1. But there are also so many inspiring gardens there, just like yours :)

  2. The plant with the cool new growth is gevuina avellana I'm pretty sure. I have a small plant growing in my garden.

  3. I agree with the Gevuina avellana ID. Trewidden's is a 'champion tree', the tallest in the UK. The Cordyline is C.banksii according to Richard Morton the Kew trained head gardener.


    1. Thank you Chad! We don’t see many banksii in gardens and glasshouses these days

  4. Oh! My type of a garden - green, lush and mossy! Thank you for sharing all the beautiful gardens with us!


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