Thursday, July 07, 2011

If this Myth was True...

Then Adam must have been well 'equipped'...

But if not then the leaf would have provided more than sufficient coverage...

The story goes that a leaf of this particular fig variety (aptly named after him) was the one Adam used to keep his modesty when he and Eve were banished from the Garden of Eden.  It is a myth of course, but makes for an interesting anecdote regarding this fig variety (by the way, I'm not referring to the story of Adam and Eve whether it's a myth or not, just the story about this fig). ;-)

Ficus carica 'Adam'

Irregardless, if you like plants with big leaves, whether for the jungle effect or just for the sheer impact of it, this is another plant to look out for. It's been proven hardy in our location and is also tolerant of high (and not so high) summer temperatures without leaf curling.

And if you're lucky you might even get some forbidden fruit out of it, now that's a bonus! :-)



  1. Oooo! That's a bit risque! LOL

  2. Nice leaf...I can imagine an entire tree of them must be quite the traffic stopper! (I think you saved yourself some spam-ish comments with that myth disclaimer at the end)!

  3. Yet another plant to put on my wish list. You guys are costing me MONEY!!! LOL.

  4. A little risque humour now and again won't hurt too much, hehe! Besides I couldn't help it on this one :)

    Gerhard, if you were only nearer I could have sent you some cuttings :)

  5. Another plant to add to the list as Gerhard said!!!

  6. Wonderful anecdote. One to keep in mind for when having coffee al fresco with house guests. LOL!


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