Monday, July 25, 2011

Onwards and upwards

Over the weekend we were able to put in another full day working on the pond build, with the mixed weather we have had this summer we are not as far into this project as we would have liked, but with warm sunny weather forecast for Sunday we were able to really get stuck in.

Spending the first few hours of a Sunday morning pickaxing solid chalk for the concrete footings of the pond walls is not my idea of fun, but it sure is a good way to exercise (something my mother commented on when she came round to visit, apparently i need to lose a few pounds!!). So with Mark busy elsewhere in the garden dealing with the existing pond maintenance and also feeding the tree ferns, I got stuck in. A couple of hours later and It was finished, Mark joined me to remove yet more spoil from the hole, before we started the less boring task of wheel-barrowing round sand and gravel to mix up into concrete.

Finally several hours later and another little part of the project was done and the footings poured for one of the longer sides.

After a well deserved break for lunch we got stuck into something a little more visible and laid another 20 odd concrete blocks on the previous section.

Gradually I think I'm getting a little quicker at laying blocks, which is just as well as there are another 288 of them sat on the driveway!!



  1. That looks like major works and a big pond. Do you have a plan on paper? It certainly looks impressive.

  2. That is a major project you are doing. It sure looks like you are doing a wonderful job on it.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  3. You guys should be so proud of yourself. Most gardeners (myself included) would never be willing or able to take on a project of this magnitude. It'll be stunning when it's finished.

    :: Bamboo and More ::

  4. I am having trouble envisaging how it will all look in the end. I know from the fabulous photos on your blog, that it will be amazing, though. It makes my outdoor kitchen plans look a bit pathetic. LOL.

  5. Wow - I didn't realize you would be using concrete blocks. Should be very well built. Are you going to paint over to waterproof it? I'm anxious to see all the steps! Looking great so far! It looks very professional.

  6. Thanks Janet :) We have some sketches and plans on paper, when I get the chance I'll scan them and do a blog post about it.

    Thanks for the encouragement Cher :) We'll get there in the end, but actually find the building process thoroughly enjoyable despite the hard work.

    Gerhard, I'm so glad Gaz is very good with DIY and practical work, he actually loves doing it. And it's through him that I've learned practical skills too (although I'm more in charge of the finer details, lol). There are always means and ways to an end, just glad we're able to do most of the work ourselves as it's saving us lots of money and enjoying the built too :)

    Hazel, I love your plans for your outdoor kitchen and the materials you have bought so far :) Looking forward to it's progress! I'm a believer that the kitchen is the heart of a home, can you imagine having one in the garden? Fab!!

    Thanks Holley! Yes we're using high density blocks (very heavy but sturdy) and we'll waterproof it using fibreglass once all the block work has been done. We'll be posting the various steps along the way on our blog, hopefully it will help you too on your future built :)

  7. Only 288?! You'll be done in no time...

  8. Wow! I'm doing some computing based on the pictures. Your pond will be done in 3 months? I am definitely looking forward to the big reveal. Maybe you will inspire me with ideas for my own backyard renovations.

  9. Ahh if only Bom :) other commitments and maintenance of the existing garden takes up some of our free time too. But we're hoping to get loads done in the next three months before we're forced to take a break by winter.

  10. You're doing such a thorough job, it's all going to be worthwhile and will give you so much satisfaction. Keep at it!

  11. Wow! I can hardly wait to see this object of beauty! Keep at it but....pace yourselves!
    Take care :)


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