Friday, September 23, 2011

The September Garden

September is usually a month of transition, with the last blast of summer but also cooler nights and some much more autumnal days.

The garden isn't yet ready to sleep and many plants are still flowering such as the dahlias, with others giving colour in the form of fruits and berries.

Cycad sending out a late flush of new leaves.

Un-named Schefflera from The Garden House

Tradescantia - this one is not hardy but takes easily from cuttings.

The red berries of a Cotoneaster

Knickers grooming himself, he enjoys the warmer days as much as we do.



  1. Simply beautiful. I envy your cats, being able to hang out in such a stunning environment.

    :: Bamboo and More ::

  2. The garden looks amazing. I love that shot through the yellow bamboo canes.

  3. September is such a wonderful month. It's still summer as far as I'm concerned...with the warmth and sun, plus the bonus of the more "tropically inclined" plants to really be showing off. Your garden looks gorgeous. Do you ever open it? Someday if I make it to your neck of the woods I'd love to see it in person...

  4. Saxifraga stolonifera, I love that plant, indoors and out. Also your cycad certainly looks happy. Everything looks great, what a tropical paradise.

  5. I love wandering through your garden. of the joys of autumn!

  6. So many lovely views. That cycad looks positively feathery.Love the shot taken through the yellow stemmed bamboo - is that Phylostachys aurea?

  7. Thank you all for the lovely comments :) Apologies for the delayed response and if I haven't been as interactive in the past few days, a bit hectic at work at the moment and it's a busy period in the garden too, but hopefully things should start to mellow down a bit.

    Loree, we would be delighted to show you our garden if ever you make it here, and show you nearby public gardens too, especially the grounds of stately homes. We've decided not to open our garden to the public for now but are happy to have visitors by prior arrangements. Maybe someday we'll take the plunge and have an open day but we'll cross the bridge when we get there..:)

    Hi Janet, the bamboo is Phyllostachys vivax 'Aureocaulis'. Well done to Gaz for taking that photo which is probably my favourite of the bunch :)

  8. You already have a lot of plants, if you are in the tropics without winter, that will be a forest in a few more months. Even if it's not mine i feel a bit stressed in knowing that in a few weeks winter will get most of them. It's a bit tragic if it will happen to me! Somehow, our dry season is maybe kinder than witer!

  9. Alternative Eden is looking fantastic in September. Even if you have to give it protection in Winter the Tradescantia looks like a plant well worth having.

  10. A flush! A flush! How exciting! Your whole garden is looking good. I really like the different patterns on your Tradescantia. How do you protect them in winter?

  11. Your cycad is beautiful! For me, it's a difficult plant to grow (it's a houseplant). I was happy to see ONE new leaf this summer after it got all brown.

  12. Beautiful!
    I like the bottles colorful bottles

  13. Hi Andrea, such is the cycle of gardening in a four seasons zone :) Some of the tender exotics will be moved under cover with heating whilst the hardy ones will just do their thing over winter, either remaining evergreen or go deciduous.

    Thank you Bom! We don't protect that tradescantia, we just take cuttings before it gets cold and re-root them indoors (very easy) and let the remaining plant get frosted away. Then by spring we just replant the re-rooted cuttings :)

    Hi Tatyana, give your cycad plenty of water and generous liquid fedding in the spring, then ease off by early summer but still give it lots of water, and hopefully it will reward you with a healthy flush :)

    Thanks Fer, they add a bit of colour to a mainly green garden :)


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