Sunday, September 18, 2011

A trip to Todds Botanics

A couple of weeks ago, Mark and I were over in Essex visiting a fellow exotic gardening enthusiast who happened to live only 10 minutes from Todds Botanics.

Todds has always been an interesting nursery to visit, with quite a few unusual plants for the exotic enthusiast. The nursery has developed a well known speciality in large olive trees, as well as having its own olive plantation on site. Although we don't have the room for one of the large trees we always enjoy seeing them.

It has been a busy year for Mark, co-owner at Todds, which included winning a silver gilt award at Chelsea, as well as numerous other awards at several of the other large shows.

As well as the olives, Todds usually have a number of unusual yuccas, and we came home with two (Y. madrensis and Y. baccata). We were also taken by Yucca aloifolia, which were very well priced for such a large and (more importantly) hardy yucca. Although we left these behind I suspect we will be back for one before too much longer.



  1. This looks to be a fantastic nursery. I would find it very hard to resist the temptations on offer there :-).

  2. You came back from there with only two plants?! Its a miracle!! Lovely looking nursery, I love the order and architecture.

  3. Wonderful nursery and so well taken care of. Always nice to go to one that looks like that.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  4. I love that black succulents, but i haven't seen that here yet.

  5. Very nice! Those yuccas are looking good! Looking forward to seeing your loot in place.


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