Sunday, October 09, 2011

Avenue Fisheries Visit

We are fortunate to live close to Avenue Fisheries, a large Koi dealer. We took a morning off from building our pond to have a look at some fantastic fish. Avenue is a long established dealer in Koi, they select only from the best Japanese breeders and keep their fish in great conditions. The majority of the fish we currently have in our existing pond came from Avenue, as its one of our favourite dealers.

A selection of Koi in the main show pond.

A pair of Black Australian swans at home on a natural pond at Avenue.

In many of the tanks the Koi swarmed over to where we were hoping for some food!

We are looking forward to completing our pond and having the space to allow our fish to reach their full potential!

Avenue Fisheries


  1. Oh, those koi are so pretty! Such sweet fish. I've already picked out two or three of my favorites just from your pictures. Those black swans, though, are really gorgeous. I don't think I've ever seen a black swan!

  2. Looking forward to seeing your new pond completed. Great show of Koi at Avenue. I don't suppose it would be the best time of year for adding fish to a pond.

  3. Holley, lots of beautiful fish indeed! I'm finding it difficult to choose which one are my favourite, I like them all, lol! And I'm in love with the black swans, they look so elegant and graceful as they swim and follow you, begging for food :)

    Alistair, Avenue Fisheries is my favourite Koi dealer and they only sell imported Japanese Koi. You can still introduce fish at this time before it gets too cold but once the temperatures start to dip down it's best to wait till April or so (unless you have a heated pond). We didn't buy any fish though, they know we're building a pond so will have future purchases. But even if we did they're happy to keep it for us till we're ready :)

  4. How on earth do you choose them? I remember being bewildered when choosing Tropical fish for our tank when I was a child, but given how long Koi can live (herons not withstanding), you need to get it right, whatever that means.

  5. Looking forward to seeing the finished product :o)

  6. Looks like a great Koi dealer. Lots of beauties there. It must be good motivation for getting your pond completed!

  7. Choosing can be difficult Janet, with so many beautiful fishes to choose from! I find that if you stay and stare long enough it gets easier to pick out the right ones for you. And also the more you get into the hobby the more you develop an eye, but ultimately it's an individual thing :)

    Me too Libby! :)

    Hoover Boo, it's a fantastic koi dealer and our favourite! It's the only one I know so far that the koi are presented in an outdoor pond and garden setting, and their selection of fishes are fantastic. Their main show pond is stunning and inspirational :)


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