Thursday, October 27, 2011

Unusual Autumn

Its been a strange Autumn this year, generally quite warm and also quite dry, we haven't yet had much in the way of Autumn colour although a quick cold snap, when it comes may well change that.

The weather has also allowed us to push the pond on further than we may have otherwise expected, but even that is now giving me an interesting dilemma, What to do next?

I had worked out quite carefully a project plan to ensure that, whilst working in a relatively confined space, various stages of the build happened in the right order, and in a way that allowed further work to progress over winter.

My main plan for October had been to build the wooden framed filter house, the idea being that even if it was cold then we wouldn't be worried about concrete setting, and that I could do quite a lot of work even if the weather was damp. Well that particular idea has gone out of the window as we have been able to keep building with blocks. Last weekend we were able to start the third raised bed, and have built the steps to what will eventually become the decked seating area next to the pond.

The order of works originally had the third bed being built next year - after the filter house. So we had placed the reclaimed roof tiles (an Ebay bargain!) in the area the bed would eventually occupy. Although it would be nice to get the bed finished, I really dont fancy moving all the roof tiles. Even if we did decide to move them im not sure where I would store them without moving them too far away or in an inconvenient place. 

The latest forecast has another good weekend on the horizon and so Mark and I have been wondering what the next part of the job should be. I think it will probably be to start constructing the filter house, although a couple of other ideas might make more sense.

The good weather has given our schedule a boost but at the same time thrown the project plan out of the window, so much so that I'm now reworking the order of jobs to take account of what we have managed to fit in this Autumn that we didn't expect to do. It's a good dilemma to have but still gives me a little bit of a headache.

One decision we have to make is whether to have a small ornamental water feature next to the decked area, which would encroach into the 3rd raised bed. At the moment we haven't made our minds up totally but as Mark has been showing me lots of pictures and ideas of what he thinks would look nice, I suspect he has made our 'minds' up already!



  1. It will all come to you what all you want to add. Usually your first decision on what to do next is the best one, but we all know how that is and keep adding to what can be done. :)
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. I really look forward to pond posts. It is so exciting watching it all develop and wondering what it will look like when finished. You, have your ideas and plans but we, out here in blogland, can only watch and wait. Will the water feature (if it goes ahead) feed into the pond, or relate to it in some way? Mmmm! Don't tell me, I want to see what happens for myself!

  3. I love all the other things you're building around the pond, like the raised bed and possibly a water feature (which gets MY vote). Following the progress of your project is wonderful. I truly look forward to each update.

  4. While it is indeed a nice problem to have I do understand that nagging feeling that you are doing things outside the plan, all the "what-if's" start creeping in! Oh and it's nice when one of you has a firm feeling on how to proceed, makes it a little easier...

  5. Can't wait to see the progress. Love to have pond at my new house like yours :)

  6. I do love watching progress on what I think of as The Pond Project. It is truly impressive. I can't imagine that you would find yourself regretting putting in a small ornamental water feature, and much easier to do it now than later. Good luck with the re-planning, I imagine you wake up in the morning thinking about how to juggle priorities...

  7. Its been great hasn't it! Love being out in the garden, makes the winter seem shorter! love following your posts looking forward to seeing the finished result!

  8. First visit here and I enjoyed the garden project in progress.

  9. Thank for the lovely comments, and words of encouragement! Despite the hard work we thoroughly enjoy the process. You get tiring moments yes, but never miserable :)

  10. Gaz and Mark cant wait to see the project youve done a fabulous job on that pond beyond most peoples expectations , I bet you could swim in it eh ha it will look fab and you will really enjoy sitting looking at your achievement xx

  11. Thank you for the lovely words Brummi :) We're looking forward to getting it finished and sitting beside the pond relaxing.


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