Monday, May 18, 2020

Pyrrosia sheareri

Outside the jungle hut we have a selection of ferns, one of which is Pyrrosia sheareri which comes from Taiwan.

Pot grown for the last three to four years it has proved reliably hardy for us (although recent winters have been reasonably mild in comparison to the years before.

Pyrrosia sheareri
Pyrrosia sheareri with Mark for scale

The fronds can reach up to 60 - 75cm, although ours hasn't reached this yet, the new growth is a lighter green before the mature leaves darken with a glossy almost leathery texture. Apparently it is fond of a free draining humus rich soil, we have grown ours in a pot and it seems quite happy so far.

Pyrrosia sheareri
I'm tempted to try and divide this, but as its looking so good and it has a reputation for being tricky to propagate, we may leave it for a while longer yet.