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Curious as to where we get some of our garden ideas, inspiration, and knowledge from? Books are always our first port of call and the following is a selection of garden books to be found in our personal library:

Enclyclopedia of Exotic Plants for Temperate Climates
Will Giles

Will Giles is well known to the British Exotic Gardening fan. The Encyclopedia of Exotic Plants for Temperate Climates covers many plant groups, including aroids, bananas, gingers, bromeliads, cacti, yuccas, ferns, and palms. A comprehensive reference volume and a very good reference to the new and not so new exotic gardener. There are over 500 colour pictures illustrating the plants described, well written and enjoyable to read.


Architectural Plants
Christine Shaw

This book is a comprehensive guide to the broad range of architectural plants, well illustrated with many photographs of the plants being fetaured. It is packed with specialist information on soil assessment, drainage and cultivation methods and is ideal for people who are eager to learn more about these species and how best to grow them. Architectural Plants offers a stimulating look at alternative and innovative ways to create a vibrant garden display. Christine works at the nursery of the same name.

Hardy Bamboos: Taming the Dragon
Paul Whittaker
Paul Whittaker's garden has long been a testing ground for various bamboos. In the first part of the book his first hand experience illustrate how bamboos perform in different places and draw attention to their idiosyncratic nature and geographical origins. A further section describes each bamboo's unique physical nature and growing habits. Using bamboos to best effect in the garden, propagation, aftercare and their resilience to pests and diseases complete the guidance for gardeners. This is a key reference book for anyone looking to grow bamboos in a cold climate location.

The Gardens of Madeira
Gerald Luckhurst

Attracting over a million visitors each year, the island gardens of Madeira are unique. For centuries Madeira was at the crossroads of the world - half-way between the tropics and the old continent. The islanders were poised to receive plants from far-flung empires and accommodate ideas from both north and south. Some thirty gardens in and around the capital, Funchal, and further afield as well as some of the unique native flora and landscape are expertly described. Gerald Luckhurst has been involvde in the design of several of the gardens on the island and explores the discovery and development of the islands earliest gardens and the country estates known as quintas.

Exotic Gardening
Ian Cooke
With fabulous palms, big bold banana leaves, colour flowers and flamboyant foliage, exotic gardens never fail to fascinate and excite a gardener. This inspirational book introduces the mouth-watering array of hardy and tender plants that can be used to create jungle-style landscapes in every garden. It explains their characteristics, and advises on how they can be planted and grown to produce a stunning display to be enjoyed even in temperate climates.