Monday, November 14, 2011

Blog Backlog!

Gunnera manicata and me!
A few moments ago I finally had the chance to sort out some of the numerous photos we've taken earlier in the year, of the garden and various other places we've been to. It's all part of getting the computer organised and making it easier to look back at these photos at any point in the future. Skimming through some of these images I am reminded of the amount of backlog we have about things and subjects we wanted to blog about but never had the chance to write them.

So much to blog about, so little free time! This year has been exceptionally hectic for us, with the pond project on top of the other things we needed to do in the garden, plus increasing work commitments and taking the time to do other things we enjoy. It's been a blast, loads of exciting things happening, much more so than in previous years. But also there were moments of physical exhaustion and tiredness, but never miserable. So far so good but they all take their toll on our free time.

Blast from the not so distant past, this photo taken last April.  I've forgotten what the fences looked like unpainted. Can't wait to get them levelled once the decking has been built.
I suppose we can always write about the things we were meaning to blog before during the colder months, almost like a pool of subjects we can discuss on the usually horticulturally more quiet time of the year. Certain subjects and events seems a bit strange to blog about in retrospect though, either they are way out of date and don't feel right any more to refer to in present tense, or simply the subject matter has gone past it's momentum. Other subjects are probably best left to be featured in the future when we get the chance to revisit and/or re-experience them again.

An all white Knotweed. Fallopia japonica var. compacta 'Milk Boy'. I had planned to write about
various ornamental knotweeds a few months ago but never had chance. Maybe this winter...
But plants are plants, and plant-y subjects are fine enough to feature even if they are out of season. At least if we feature a plant and our readers like them they can add it to their spring list of acquisitions. The odd pond and fish subjects will creep up too of course.

Snow in Madeira. Yes they can occasionally get some of that white stuff too but only on higher elevations. I was going to write about the 'T-shirt to Coat' journey in two hours in Madeira but...
So there you go. I'm hoping we'll get the chance to sort out some of our blog backlog in the next few months. Saying that, I'm also looking forward to next year when we repeat the horticulture cycle of events and the chance to acquire some more new plants. One lesson I'll try to adhere to is that most of the time it's best to write about a subject or an event just after it has happened, when the momentum and buzz is still there. Once the momentum has gone by postponing or delaying writing about it then it makes it harder to revisit the subject again. One never stops learning or gaining wisdom.



  1. That first photo looks like you have been shrunk and are standing under some rhubarb. You will have to change your name to, Gulliver.

  2. Even though I generally post more frequently than you guys I still find myself with topics I never manage to cover and pictures that seem horribly old when I finally get around to looking at them, so I understand! On the other hand I'm sure anything you find time to write and post we all will appreciate!

  3. It will be nice to have things like that to see this winter. I am going to do one this winter on a summer project too. Not like your pond but it's something for winter. :) Just trying to catch up a little since I can't sleep. Am still really busy for a while.
    Cher Sunray Gardens
    Goldenray Yorkies

  4. Glad I'm not the only one! Hundreds of photos, a few post titles, sometimes some words too - all just waiting to go. And waiting, and waiting.

  5. In theory, one of my winter projects is organising my photos better. I know how much better it is when I tag them as I go, but do I do it? Nope... As to posts planned but never written, I have a ton too, I keep running out of time. I suspect it is pretty universal amongst bloggers, though on the other hand I don't get how some people manage to blog every day...

  6. You have had a busy year with some major projects. You can be proud of what you have accomplished! Time flies so quickly. It seems only a day or so ago it was hot summer, but now winter looms, the holidays are upon us, and soon the year will be ending! I also have lots of unused photos. I need to work on my blog. I have to update the sidebar and add some new photo galleries. And the archives are a mess! And undone garden work still beckons....time!

  7. Hi Mark, that plant in the first photo is so huge, you look just like an elf! I can't imagine how big it will still become, and curious about its flowers later!

  8. Hazel, I didn't realise that the photo on the main page will be as squashed as that, lol! :)

    Glad to hear that Loree! Time is such a precious thing and it can be tricky to juggle everything you want to do in such a short amount of free time.

    Great to hear that Cher! Looking forward to reading about your summer project!

    David, Janet, I bet most ardent bloggers are exactly the same, a pile of photos and writings that never get finished nor published. The lack of time over any other 'commodity' is so underrated. It's a little bit of a mystery too as to why some bloggers manage to do it everyday but I suppose writing their thoughts is so natural to them and takes much less time than me/us perhaps.

    Debs, it's been an exceptional year for us indeed but I'm pleased with our progress. One fine winter day you'll get the chance to sort out your blog and much quicker that it would when you do it on a day you're not really in the mood for it :) Looking forward to the changes!

    Andrea, I'm not exactly tall myself but that plant is indeed huge, and the flower spike is equally massive :)

  9. Yep, that gunnera in size is what I'm hoping for. We have lost several over the years due to our wet winters, but that does not deter... planted another one. Gardeners are indeed an optimistic lot.

    Having only recently discovered your blog, I am enjoying your posts.

  10. Do you think I can grow some Gunnera in my garden ?
    I live in Northern France.
    Have a look at my garden on my blog and many thanks in advance if you could drop me a comment to let me know.
    Thanks again for your opinion.


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