Tuesday, November 08, 2011


At this time of year towards the end of the main garden path we get quite a lot of fungi, whilst we don't know what type these are they are nevertheless quite fascinating.  

Hopefully one of our followers will be able to tell us what they are.


  1. Sorry I can't identify your fungi, but they are quite lovely. I almost expect to see a little fairy peeking out from beneath one!

  2. My! More fun guys in your garden!

  3. love the fungi! i also haven't stopped by your amazing blog in a while, and want to tell you i love the new format. very hip and happening!

  4. We have a lot of white mushrooms that look just like button mushrooms at the grocery store. Yours look more artistic :-)

    :: Bamboo and More ::

  5. I've always thought mushroom a bit scary, a bit icky, and extremely interesting! Love yours -glad they're yours and not mine!

  6. they look very much like glistenning ink caps to me, not edible. Looks like you've been putting down a lot of woodchip, this particular fungus likes rotting wood.

  7. Hi Debs, if I had little action figures it would have been fun to place them beside the mushrooms and take pictures :)

    Nice one Hazel! :)

    Thanks Janine! Glad to know you like the new site!

    Thanks Gerhard! It's easy to ignore fungi that can show up from time to time in random places in the garden but they do add interest with their fleeting presence :)

    Holley, there are plenty of fungi geeks out there too!

    charcoal man, thanks for the ID! We do use a lot of woodchip as mulch on most parts of our garden.


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