Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Ginkgo biloba 'Troll'


  1. I love Ginkos. I think it is the shape of the leaves.

  2. What a dinky gingko. My old office had a wonderful huge one outside the window, its the one thing I miss about that office

  3. Incredible cultivar, I like the potted specimen. Ginko bonsai!

  4. Hazel, I love the foliage of ginkgos too! There are so many cultivars and forms out there with interesting leaf shapes (and variegation) :)

    Hazel, Nat, this a lovely, small growing cultivar that looks great in a pot. Because of it's small size and habit it's got that 'bonsai' look/feel to it. A big Ginkgo biloba changing colour in the autumn is a spectacular sight! :)

  5. How big could this one get? Is it bred to be small?

  6. Hi Martin, it's the smallest cultivar of Ginkgo that I know of. The ones I've seen planted out for several years have only achieved around a maximum height of 2', and has a tendency to spread out sideways rather than upwards. Easy enough to keep in shape, and highly recommended as a potted plant :)


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