Monday, March 26, 2012

Bye Bye Nosey Neighbour!

No not this one, she's really really lovely! And she's not nosey at all but rather very friendly!

I meant this one, the 'nosey neighbour' as we said bye bye to him last weekend when we finally laid the last two layers of blocks to the pond to achieve a final depth of six foot and six inches.

'Nosey Neighbour'
Thank goodness for the mild and sunny spell we're currently having as we were finally able to do nearly all of the blocking to the pond and have finally reached the very top layer. All that is left to do, block wise is to finish off the sides of the pond window once the window frame has been installed.

Fitting the Surface Skimmer
Me for scale...

Now that we have completed this bit we'll take a very short break from this area and concentrate on spring tidying the rest of the garden. And when once that's done we can start the next phase, the pergola

From concrete to wood!

Mark :-)


  1. You guys are regular Energizer bunnies. No rest! I love following your progress.

  2. It is indeed a good hole and the lads done good. It certainly beats a £50 preformed pond from B&Q, May we assume the vast cost of building the hole will be dwarfed by the cost of the fish Mark will be buying?

  3. Looking at the last picture... haven't you missed a bit? There is a huge gap this side???

  4. Nah, Libby. That's the entrance to the dungeon that they're really building. Very impressive guys. Ever thought of building your own house. To be honest it wouldn't be so very different. Dave

  5. Yay and congratulations on getting that part done. I bet you are both feeling a sign of relief to have achieved that part. Now it's on to the final work.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  6. Ahh Gerhard, we'll have lots of R&R after this project is finished, can't wait :)

    LOL @Don! those preformed ones should be good enough for small wildlife types of pond but not for Koi. Not intending on buying very expensive fish either but will probably grow some from small which is fun :)

    Hi Libby, the gap for a pond window. We're still waiting for the window frame to be made but that can be done a bit later and we can proceed with building the pergola now that the final layer has been laid :)

    Thanks David! To be honest that did cross our mind. It still does especially when we're well rested (not so appealing when you're tired). We'll see, who knows! :)

    Thanks Cher! So pleased that bit is finally done and we can proceed with the pergola built now.

  7. I can't wait to see it finished. Window? That's the first I have heard of a window. Do you have to contend with fencing regulations. In Australia we would have to have a childproof fence around that the look of it, your neighbour could easily scale that fence and fall in with the fishies. Lucky you are going for koi, rather than pirhana!

  8. Hi Hazel, no fencing regulations unless it's a public garden but we'll be putting higher trellises on that boundary fence to minimise the risk of her grandchildren falling into it whenever they visit (and gives us extra privacy too!). No Piranhas indeed, just lovely friendly Koi :)

  9. That is one big pond! I would want to go swimming with the fishes! :) I can't wait to see it finished, and am very interested in seeing your pergola plans, too!

  10. We may have a dip before the fish go in.

    The pergola design has yet to be decided, but once I have drawn up some plans then maybe we can share them too, or perhaps keep you all waiting :)

  11. This is going to be something very special, folks will be queuing up to visit. Problem is if you do want to move and build your own house, you will have to leave this behind. Stay where you are, most of your neighbours are good.

  12. Hi Alistair, thanks for the encouragement! It wont be easy to move in the future, although we don't currently have any plans to move. We have been here 7 years now, so are quite settled.


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