Wednesday, March 14, 2012


  1. You have a cat called 'Knickers'?! Do you call him/her in at night by shouting the name into the garden? Smile all day now.

  2. So very cute!!!!! Which one is yours?

  3. CG - I know, when we re-discovered this photo we were instantly reminded of how cute very small kittens are!

    Esther - yes we really do have a cat called Knickers, although most of the time we call him Nick!

    Alison - he's the one right at the bottom of the pile with his head under the chest of his sibling :)

  4. love your cats name, so funny

  5. Mama is counting her babies... So touching!

  6. aloha guys,

    wow i just took your tour of the abbey at Tresco it was really a spectacular treat, thanks so much for sharing it....i would love to someday visit this amazing place.

    your pictures show a beautiful place and i enjoyed visiting it just from your photos...amazing!

  7. Tatyana, I know isnt it cute. Hes grown up a lot since this photo was taken.

    Noel, glad you enjoyed Tresco, its a stunning location, its hard to believe its part of the UK!


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