Thursday, March 22, 2012

Fine Dissaray 2

Standing at the back door, looking out into the garden while holding a hot mug of tea I saw this sight (and fortunately the camera was nearby too!):

March 2012, with some new plants for this year
Which reminded of a previous blog post I wrote autumn last year when I was preparing the garden for the then coming winter months.

The same spot October 2011
And now it's become the other way around and we're preparing the garden for spring and the summer months ahead. From one dissaray to another, this time plants are starting to go back out into the garden again and pots are either being put back where they were last year, rearranged, or repositioned.

Some plants are looking weary for being through winter, either indoors or out. Whilst some remained pristine which is great! Those looking a bit scruffy should start to recover now that it's warming up and daylight is longer.

There are lots to do, and lots to sort out. And I'm excited!! Looking forward to everyday that I can go out there and do some gardening. The clocks are moving forward this weekend, which means we also gain an extra hour of daylight in the evenings. Which means an extra hour of gardening with the sun still out once we get back home from work.

Some people moan that we lose an hour of our precious weekend, I say we gain an extra hour to garden after work everyday now till October. Wonderful!!

Mark :-)


  1. Those plants really look great considering the past season. Our daylight time changed a couple weeks ago, guess I assumed most did it at the same time, although ours was early.

    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Except for the few dry tips on the Cycas things look great! We switched forward in time a week ago and that one hour really makes a difference, especially since we are at the eastern edge of our time zone here in New England so in winter the sun sets mid-afternoon.

  3. I love this time of year too. It's so full of possibilities. There'll be huge changes in your garden this year, what with the koi pond and all. I love being able to follow your journey on your blog.

    :: Bamboo and More ::

  4. So looking forward to seeing your garden all planted out with the new areas and the pool very exciting and very well done Mark and Gaz outstanding as usual

  5. I'm afraid I can't start bringing stuff out of the greenhouse yet. We get really late, hard frosts at the Priory - I guess I'll just have to be patient. Difficult.

  6. Totally agree an extra hour in the garden is far more fun than an extra hour in bed! Hope we have as good weather at easter as we did last year x

  7. Always something to do in the garden - spring or fall! I, too, like having that extra hour of daylight to work outside.

  8. Hi Cher! Until recently I thought all places that observe DST move their clocks at the same time. Some plants looks a bit weary but it's normal for them at this time of the year :)

    Hi College Gardener! That Cycad tried to flush very late in the season and haven't had the chance to harden off before winter, so it browned even with light frosts. Hardened off leaves usually are fine with occasional frosts on it.

    Hi Gerhard, I can't wait! Really excited to get the pond finished and take it easy for awhile, until we start another project! :)

    Thanks Brummi for the lovely words :) Looking forward to when everything starts to lush out again!

    Hi David, with being in a rural location and quite open too it's riskier in your location. You''ll have to extend your patience :)

    Hi Libby, hope so too!!

    Hi Holley, it's so handy to get that extra hour forward especially if you work everyday :)

  9. Weather is a mess nowadays. Climate change? Our national weather bureau already declared it summer but it has been raining and overcast almost daily since their announcement. Pond is looking good. How long before you expect to complete it?

  10. I don't think that's a disarray at all, I'm glad you had your camera to hand. A tropical spectacle - I guess the mild winter was good news for you.

  11. I have almost finished my spring time clean-up, rearrangements, and planting. Hot weather is breathing down our necks already! But I still feel the excitement when i walk out in the garden in the morning. I have new patio furniture and I try to make myself sit and enjoy it all, but some little chore always catches my attention. Enjoy your garden! I look forward to seeing the 2012 version of your tropical paradise!

  12. Hi Bom, we're hoping to finish the pond my early summer. Still got lots more to do including the pergola.

    Thanks b-a-g! I'm glad of the mild winter, especially after having three bad ones in a row before that.

    Our sentiments the same Debs, there always seems to be a chore that needs to be done so it's difficult to sit still. And we're not yet finished with our spring tidy up but we'll get there :)

  13. Everything looks so lush and green! I love it!


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