Sunday, July 06, 2014

Product Review: Evolution Aqua Evo 55

Our koi pond has been up and running for just over a year now, and so far things seem to be working as intended. We were recently offered the opportunity to add an Evolution Aqua Evo 55 UVC by Swell UK. Evolution Aqua have been developing a range of good quality pond accessories over recent years with a full range of filters and accessories for koi keeping. A UVC on a pond system helps to reduce algae by killing the algae as the water passes through the UVC, it also helps steralise some of the bacteria in the water.

The Evo 55 is simple to fit, it comes with fittings to connect to flexi-pipe however as we have a rigid pipe based system we needed to use slightly different fittings. Fortunately these are of a standard size so single screw into both ends of the UVC.

All our filter equipment is connected to water proof power supplies, although there shouldn't be any water splashing about in the filter house we wanted to be extra careful, and so far this has worked well. It was a simple job to connect the power to the UVC.

With the filters operating for a the last 15 months, it looks like we had the right approach in over filtering and under stocking. The fish have really benefited being relocated from their old small pond, growing well and also having fewer problems. Cleaning the filters has also worked out as we had hoped, not taking too much time as its such a simple almost automated process. At first I had to follow the instructions each time but now it just is second nature.

We are hoping the water quality and clarity continues to improve as the filters mature and with the addition of this UVC. 



  1. I knew that the new pond was bigger, but is it as huge as it looks? Wow!

    1. Plenty of room for more fish Alan, the size should keep us happy for awhile :)

  2. I have the EVO-55 on my pond also. It has worked really well--smaller pond, but stronger sun. The eerie blue glow it adds to the filter area at night is also a plus. ;^)

    Your water quality looks great.

    1. We're pleased with the water quality and clarity Gail. And same thoughts here with the blue glow it emits which is like a nightlight too in the filter house :)


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