Monday, February 14, 2011

Back to the Daily Grind

It's been a lovely week away, both feeling refreshed, relaxed, and inspired afterwards. And as much as we've enjoyed our time away, it's nice to get back home too and do some catching up with whatever things that have piled up while we're away.

One of our purchases - Monstera deliciosa 'Variegata'
So that's about it for the past few days, doing lots of catching up with routines in the garden, chores in the house, as well as sorting out the plants that we have bought back from Madeira.

Our blog has pretty much been put into auto pilot mode whilst we're away, and only using the limited internet access we had to publish comments, and time permitting post a few replies. During holidays we prefer to concentrate on the place we're at and the entire experience of it all, and not spend too much time on the internet which can distract you from full enjoyment of your holiday. But it's also good to dip into it now and again so you don't feel cut off and totally clueless of what's happening back home.

One thing that I did look forward to was being able to catch up on reading some of the blogs we follow which I always find a thoroughly enjoyable activity, not to mention relaxing :-)

So it's been an 'action packed' weekend, doing lots of things that aren't worth individual mentioning, but collectively very tiring. At least last Saturday was dry, Sunday was very wet which didn't help especially if you have to deal with soil and compost, which makes the entire excercise ten times messier....

One of the things that I had to do was to sort out most of the plants we've bought back from Madeira. With the island being part of the European Union territory, there is no restriction with bringing back plants (and some soil) to the UK. You can even hand carry them as long as they fit in the airplane's overhead lockers. And the plants sold there are VERY cheap, or at least considerably cheaper than the UK so it's hard to resist buying plants there and bringing them back home.

Most of the plants have been split, repotted and sorted out now, but by the time I was ready to stack them in the greenhouse it was dark already and the rains have instensified. And rather than making several trips down the greenhouses, getting soaked in the process, I've just given up and stacked them on the bath instead (where they'll get some sun and humidity is high), and they've stayed there till I've had my rest and sleep. Thankfully we've got a separate shower, haha!

Farfugiums, Farfugiums (and a clump of Tillandsia!)

And Monday being Monday, back to work and getting the hang of the routines there again. But looking forward to tomorrow as we'll be attending the 2011 RHS London Plant and Design Show, where we'll get to see some beautiful plants, presented in equally beautiful stands, and get the chance to buy a few more bits and pieces from exhibiting nurseries.

Winter time isn't so bad after all. You'll just have to be creative to entertain yourself and keep the interest going :)


  1. Dear Mark and Gaz, In days before your time the bath was used by some to store coal...I see here that you are following in that great tradition by storing your new plants there!!

    It is so true that returning from a holiday is a great deal of hard then, of course, needs another holiday to recover!!

  2. Welcome home. Your holiday sounded fantastic.
    I had to google Farfugium - What a great plant for shade areas - so many different varieties.

  3. I actually didn't realise you could bring plants with you on travels in the EU area, and now I'm definitely planning to bring back some plants from Aberdeen. Not as exotic, I know, but my husband has some plants on his terrace that he would like to have in the garden, so why not bring off-shoots of them and bring a bit of his expatriation to Denmark, right?

    After all, a man's got to do what he can to please his man.

  4. Haha, that's a good one Edith! I did lay on a cloth first just in case might stain the bath :)

    Missy, you'd love Farfugiums, hopefully there's plenty of varieties available there.

    Soren, it's great that there's free movement of plants within EU so your husband can definitely bring back some plants, and being from Scotland hardiness shouldn't be a problem. Plenty of gorgeous plants growing out there, especially Alpines and Rhododendrons.

  5. I'm soooo envious of your plant purchases. Going on vacation to a beautiful place AND bringing back beautiful (and cheap) plants, that's the best of both worlds.

    I love farfugiums, except ours keep getting eaten by rats in the yard!

  6. Have you any pics of your Hol

  7. Hi We have posted a few general photos on this post -

    Over the next couple of weeks we intend to post up a selection of photographs and comments on each of the gardens we visited.


  8. Good to hear you have a separate shower ;-) Between these new treasures and those you bought at the show (I read the posts in reverse order) you will have your work cut out!


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