Monday, May 16, 2011

Azaleas at Kew Gardens

Better late than never! I thought this would make a nice follow up post on our earlier thread Magnolias at Kew Gardens.

While the colour palette of Magnolias tend to be soft, elegant, and understated without compromising it’s ability to make spectacular displays of blooms; the colour palette of Azaleas and Rhododendron blooms are usually loud, bright, and vibrant.  

R. 'Arpege'

R. 'Coccineum Speciosum'

R. 'Exquisitum'

R. 'Golden Eagle'

R. 'Golden Eagle'

R. 'Delicatissimum'

R. 'Homebush'

R. 'Hotspur Red'

R. 'Reve D'Amour'

R. 'Sun Chariot'

R. 'Sun Chariot'

R. 'Rosata'

R. 'Silver Slipper'

R. 'Wallowa Red'

R. 'Windsor Peach Glo'

R. 'Wryneck'

Admittedly Kew Gardens isn’t the best place when it comes to displays of Azaleas and Rhododendrons in bloom, there are better stands on other big, public gardens. But it’s certainly good enough! I’m glad the Palm Centre and Kew Gardens are very near to each other (and relatively near us). Whenever we need to buy something or check out the new stocks of the former we can pop round for a quick visit to the latter and get to check out what’s currently looking good and in season and be home early enough to carry on gardening in the afternoon.

And a few more general shots of the area:

I do love these bright colours, they remind me of sweets like gumballs and dolly mixture and certainly adds vibrancy into the air, perfect in the spring and adds to the promise of a good summer to come :-)



  1. Spectacular! And yes, horticultural Dolly Mixtures. I rather like 'Sun Chariot'. Thank you for a dose of azaleas, I usually try to get to Westonbirt for theirs, but not this year.

  2. I like soft colors, but I also love loud! These azaleas are beautiful. Interesting how they have them in a box shaped bed.

  3. Fabulous colours - I think Kew has more than Wakehurst Place! I love the big colourful statements that Rhododendrons make, they have such impact. Leith Hill is good for Rhodies and not too far from you. And you must get yourselves to Wakehurst. It's amazing in Autumn.

  4. Did I read right? - Kew gardens isn't the best place to see Azaleas and Rhododendrons? It must be somewhere near the top of the list surely. They are magnificent. You are so lucky to be able to visit so often.

  5. Hi Janet, they do look spectacular and love the colours too! Made me crave for sweeties though when I saw them :)

    HG, they clip them regularly to maintain a more formal shape. On other gardens they let them get bigger for a grander display.

    Martin, thanks for the tip, another place to add to the list :) Must get to Wakehurst soon indeed!

    Missy, a few years ago I thought they were the best until I saw grander displays on other places. Definitely still up there though! :)

  6. wow, that was a color overload! so fun! sometimes you just have to indulge yourself!


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