Monday, October 17, 2011

The Pond Build Continues...

We have been blessed with a very mild autumn so far this year, and have taken full advantage to push forward with the pond build. As Mark blogged about previously, we were able to get the pond base completed a couple of weeks ago. Something we had hoped to achieve, but knew that poor weather would have delayed us.

Since then we have completed the second raised bed, subject to the final pond height as it shares one wall with the pond itself. Last weekend we cut and laid the stone copings and also rendered the walls.

This week we had another delivery of materials, and we were able to press on with building the walls of the pond. To ensure the walls are strong enough to withstand the pressure of the water, and also so that they don't get damaged by winter we are using dense concrete blocks. With so many to shift (and they are very heavy), we use a sack barrow and shift a few at a time.We tend to have our own jobs on the build, so whilst I was unloading the blocks from the front garden, then wheeling them round the back, Mark was waiting to unload and stack them at the other end. With this routine we shifted another 100 or so blocks quite quickly.

After shifting so many blocks it was then Marks turn to move materials, and he loaded up sand to barrow round the back to mix for the mortar. Working together we got all the blocks laid and only have about 30 left at the front from our last delivery.
The final result for the weekend and the pond is really taking shape!
At the end of the afternoon Mark decided to paint the wall that was rendered the previous week. But with it being mid October the light started to fade, rather than leave a job half finished I was despatched to set up a temporary light for him to work by.

Now that's dedication!



  1. The pond looks so good, it's inspiring, I'd love to attempt such a project when my home isn't a rental. Fall is a fun time of year, I agree it's nice to get some individual time with your plants as you sort them for winter storage. Our autumn has also been quite mild this year, you could almost wear a t-shirt this evening.

  2. Good grief, its enormous! Very impressive - how much water will it hold when full? And are you on a water meter?! I like Mark's dedication - we have lots of painting that needs doing here, do you think he would like a trip to South Gloucestershire? No heavy blocks to move...

  3. Wow - that is one big pond. Big enough to go swimming in! It is going to be absolutely beautiful when you get it completed. Love that you carved your names in the concrete!

  4. Geez that is big enough for a pool. Personally I think I would have to make it a combo. :) You both are doing so fantastic on this project. I am so impressed with what you have done so far.
    Cher Sunray Gardens
    Goldenray Yorkies

  5. Very impressive indeed! You guys really are troopers. I cannot wait to see the pond and surrounding beds finished, filled, and planted - I am sure it will be stunning!

  6. So glad to see you made your mark with names and date, all you forgot were your hands both for the Hollywood touch and to emphasize the fact that your hands have done all of this work!

  7. Thanks Nat! When you get your own place I can imagine your excitement at all the possibilities; making your garden, a greenhouse, a pond, etc. Something to look forward to :) The mild autumn is well and truly over here now as it's turned chilly already and we're preparing for the arrival of our first frosts of the season. Time to wrap up warm!

    Thanks Janet! It will hold approximately 8000 gallons. Yes we're on a meter (yikes!) and it will cost roughly £40 to fill. I think I'll pass on the offer to paint, I've got loads to do here as it is, lol! :)

    Thanks Holley, Cher, College Gardener, I'm so looking forward to getting it finished, so excited! :) We'll swim in it before we put the fishes in, and if we really wanted can still swim in it even with fishes in it (the filtration can handle it). Just needs to make sure to shower afterwards, lol!

    Loree, now you've given us an idea, watch this space..... :D

  8. I really am impressed, and yes it does look big enough for swimming with dolphins. Watch out for those Herons once you have all those expensive Koi enjoying your pond.

  9. One of my favorite parts of my blog crawl is reading about your pond updates. With Mark in it, it's size looks more fit to be a pool than a pond. It is really coming along together nicely. Can't wait for your next pond installment.

  10. Mark and Gaz, you are so diligent and that's a lot of hard and heavy work! Mark knows that here this job is always done by skilled workers, now you are doing it yourselves, congratulations. Will you be putting tiles inside it? And did you put the ingredient so the water will not leak? Am just very curious because i am awed by its size!

  11. Thanks Alistair! Herons are a potential problem here too and protection from them have been considered in the design of the pond. It'll be more evident at the later stages of the built, but one of them is the depth, they won't be able to wade in as it will be too deep for them to stand in to :)

    Bom, glad to hear you're enjoying the chronicle of our pond build. There's lots ore to come! :)

    Andrea, it's hard work but we're enjoying the process, can't wait to get it finished though! It won't be tiled, but rather smooth fibreglassed which will also be the waterproofing :)

  12. Wow, I am impressed! When you guys finish, I could use your muscle over here for some projects of my own!

  13. We we coould help a bit if you were nearby :) I would love to see your garden in the flesh some day!


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