Sunday, May 13, 2012

Return of the Beautiful Sun

Schefflera kornasii flushing and reaching for the sun!

Finally, after weeks and weeks of rain and dull skies, the sun has returned!

It was almost disconcerting when it was all blue skies and wall to wall sunshine on Friday. I got so used to having overcast skies and loads of rain that it took me awhile to re-acquaint myself to the feeling of basking under the sun and seeing the garden in such bright light. Strange I know, but having weeks of the same dull weather does take its toll on your perception, that a sudden shift can almost cause a mini shock to the system.

In that period of rain, three weeks perhaps four, I've lost count exactly but I know it felt a long time, we drained the unfinished big pond almost every other day. Left undone it would have probably filled it up to a quarter of its capacity which would be 2,000 imperial gallons. It may not make sense to most but I can assure you that's an enormous amount of rainfall for such a relatively short period of time.

Arisaema ringens soaked in rain
But nevermind, thye sun is out and I'm not complaining, far from it. Rather I'm ecstatic, joyous even and I'm celebrating the return of the beautiful sun in my own little way, inside me and is manifestating with the smile on my face as I walked through the garden on Friday.

Blue skies...haven't seen it this blue for quite some time...
Persicaria 'Red Dragon'
The sun will probably not stay with us for a long time but I'm hoping it will. And even if it does go again I'm hoping it won't be another long abscence again. Afterall, the garden needs some rain too in between sunny periods and too long a sunny and dry spell is not ideal for the garden either.

Podophyllum hexandrum
Rodgersia 'Chocolate Wings'
As I walked down the garden on Friday I also thought how wonderful a start it is to the weekend, and for the coming week as well. Despite all the plant fairs and nursery visits we've made recently I've always thought the 'gardening season' for us doesn't really start after we've come back from our yearly trip to the west, the mecca of exotic gardening in the UK. The sun may or may not follow us there (I hope it does!) but it has certainly put us on a better mood. It's going to be a fab week!

Looks like the sun has followed us to the west...
Mark :-)


  1. I hope your sun stays out also, it will have your plants growing like crazy. Your chocolate wings looks so pretty already sneaking up through all that taller foliage.

    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. here at Botanicbay, we're also enjoying a sunny period after countless days of clouds and rain. And I followed your advice concerning the gunera : it's growing fine and strong by the pond.

  3. How wonderful to be able to appreciate the sun. (We get too much of it sometimes!) Plus, your plants should love having some sun following a lot of rain, and grow like crazy! Those blue skies are gorgeous. 'Red dragon' really caught my eye, too!

  4. Yay for sunshine! We finally have sunny weather again as well, after two weeks or so of lots of rain and clouds and relatively cool temperatures. Though to be fair that weather has probably been better for the plants than the early and sudden onset of dry summer heat we usually get.

  5. I definitely understand the mental games all that grey and rain can play on you. Then the sun comes out and it's almost impossible to comprehend.

    We're in the midst of an amazing sunny dry spell (1 week passed, another predicted). It's unexpected and enjoyed!

  6. It has certainly been a little disconcerting finally getting some sun. Enjoy! D

  7. All we need is a bit of warmth to go with the sun and everything will explode into growth. Even here in Plymouth things are a long way behind compared to last year.

  8. Hi Cher, The Rogersia was a bit late this year so we are glad to see its now coming along nicely.

    Hi Celine, glad to hear your Gunnera is doing well :)

    Holley the Blue skies make everything seem so much nicer, glad you like the red dragon.

    College Gardener - lets hope with all the rain and some warm weather the plants do well on it.

    Loree, sounds like you have some great weather now too :)

    David, Lets hope it lasts!

    John, it seems everywhere is behind last year, perhaps with some sun after all that rain the plants will speed up now.

  9. We had sun too, but for us the temps are way too low, Lyneham's weather station says only maximum of 3C each night this week !

  10. Hi Libby, although sunny its not that warm either. We could all do with a warm spell soon!

  11. After months of brutal sunshine and virtually no rain, I'm eager for the summer rains to begin over here in Florida. Just sayin'. ; ) Rain does wonders for making things grow. The garden hose never quite seems to get the job done. Your photo of Arisaema ringens is just gorgeous!

    Wish I could send some sunshine your way.....

  12. I moaned at the cold temperatures and lack of sun. Now I'm saying it's too hot and the soil is drying out... At least we don't have a hose pipe ban....

  13. Hi Floridagirl, well we have the Sunshine recently, thanks for sharing it with us :)

    Janet, lucky not to have the ban, we are on a hose pipe ban, so it takes ages with the sunny weather to water everything with a watering-can!


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