Friday, September 07, 2012

Pass the Duchy

"Love is like a flower, you've got to let it grow."

The Duchy of Cornwall Nursery
How sweet! Those were the first words I saw when I viewed the website of Duchy of Cornwall Nursery just before I started to write this blog. Our visit was actually last May but better late than never as this place is definitely one of the nursery gems of Cornwall.

Something I have noted, on several occasions how generally revered this nursery is by both locals and visitors alike. Quite often I hear praises for this nursery, even from other nurseries (who are in essence their competitors) who are quick to say nice things about this place. And we can clearly see why: great and diverse selection of plants (from the rare and unusual, to the staples), reasonable prices, and plant stocks that are healthy and well taken cared of. Tick, tick, tick all the good bits indeed!

If you're into Fuchsias, then you'll definitely love this nursery!
As for us, a visit to Cornwall won't be complete without a detour to this place!

Now for something new, their main building has finally been completed which now serves as the main entrance way to the nursery. The building itself houses a gardening gift shop as well as the cafe (or tearoom) which was very busy at the time we visited, and adjacent to it are greenhouses containing tender and popular house plants. This new building is actually the replacement for the old one (which had the same purpose as it has now) which was destroyed by fire back in 2005. The staff said that the new building is bigger and better, and I'm inclined to believe that as they have kitted this new one very well.

A royal connection...
Gardening knick knacks galore inside the very classy gift shop!
The nursery mascot and star attraction of the place!
House plants for sale in the greenhouse adjacent to the new building

A beautiful Impatiens

Some nice succulents, a couple went home with me.

But the best bit of this nursery are the polytunnels and main plant sales area which are packed with gorgeous plants. They have a diverse selection to choose from that will cater to every plant taste (not just for the exotic!).

The sweet mascot has woken up and dutifully followed us a bit!

On our visit this time we were met by one of DOC's nurserymen Ben and was given a more thorough look around the place, including a tour of the propagation houses normally reserved for members of staff only. It was great to have an insight into their stock production and plant propagation, as well as have a peek of their plant treasures not yet available in the main sales area.

I spy Schefflera taiwaniana...

Liriodendron tulipifera 'Aureomarginatum'
A climber with beautiful leaves - Actinidia pilosula
Ben showing us one of his prized plants (which the name escapes me at the moment...)
X Sinocalycalycanthus raulstonii 'Hartlage Wine' - whew, what a mouthful of a name!

Another one that went home with us - Euphorbia characias 'Portuguese Velvet'
It was a wonderful time spent there as usual and a few more gems with home with us. Wish we had the time then to sample the gastronomic delights of their new cafe but we were off somewhere immediately afterwards. Something else to look forward to then for our next visit!

And on our way back to the car, we spotted this on the horizon...

Mark :-)

Duchy of Cornwall Nursery


  1. I can see why everyone praises it. Very beautiful and exceptionally well kept also.

    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Anotehr incredible nursery. You need to write a Plant Lover's Guide to U.K. Nurseries!

  3. It's biggest problem - as far as I'm concerned - is that it's far too close to me. Less than 30 miles away. And my bank balance is rather less than I would like! I've had so many good plants from that nursery. They haven't all survived - Lostwithiel is a couple of degrees warmer than my part of Plymouth - but it's been fun trying them. Oh, and on my last visit earlier this year I made the mistake of taking Maria. She thoroughly enjoyed the food in the new cafe - money I could have spent on plants!

  4. Another top-notch nursery that you are featuring here! I am totally impressed how good care they take of their plants. I don't see any weeds at all! I am sure that visiting this nursery is as lovely as visiting a very fine garden.

  5. The nursery looks excellent, but the kitty stole my heart! Jeannine

  6. I love that plant Ben is holding! If you ever run across the name I would love to know it...

  7. How lovely, another to add to my lists to visit!

  8. To Danger Garden- the plant I am holding is Boronia heterophylla, an Australian shrub of unspecified hardiness (somewhere between -10 and +5 depending on who you believe); the foliage is strongly scented and although it can catch you out if you're working on them when half asleep (or perish the thought, hungover) I wouldn't describe the scent as bad in any way. Ben

  9. Glad you like it Cher!

    Gerhard, maybe one day! The only thing is that there are so many plant nurseries in the UK that it will be a huge book...

    John, great to hear that you've had so many nice plants from them :) Same here although we tend to only visit once a year which is good for our pocket I suppose. Must try their cafe next time!

    Christina, It helps too that most of their nursery staff are knowledgeable plants people who care about the plants they sell. The nursery is indeed pristine :)

    Jeannine, the kitty is adorable!

    Loree, love that plant as well. The man himself has identified the plant. I wonder if he has any spares for when we next visit...

    Libby, definitely!

    Ben, thanks for your input and glad to see you here :)

  10. Super nursery! The only drawback for me is that it's so far away. Thanks for the beautiful tour, especially the cute kitty.

  11. I think I am rather glad that this is so very far away from me! Come on, confess, how many plants made their way home with you from there that trip?! That euphorbia is stunning. I have discovered that there is a dearth of nurseries and garden centres on Anglesey, though there is one that would capture your attention - Anglesey Tropical Plants!

  12. Outlawgardener, glad you enjoyed it :) Cute kitty indeed!

    Janet, not much, maybe five or six plants from that trip? Although bought loads from there through the years. Anglesey Tropical Plants - I like the sound of that!

  13. A wonderful nursery I have visited many times in the past - always worth a detour if in the area. I love the Impatiens with the red veins. Is it hardy and did you buy it?


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