Sunday, November 30, 2014

Building Ponds - Again

It seems like we always have a construction project on the go in the garden. The current one is the "shed of fun" we have blogged about recently. To add to our large koi pond, the shed of fun will house a growing on pond.

The initial idea behind this is to create a place that new fish can be kept before moving into the main pond. A sort of quarantine so we can check for parasites or disease and treat as appropriate before the fish enters the main pond. Treatment is much easier (and costs less too) in a smaller pond.  

As well as a quarantine pond we will also use this to grow fish on. We tend not to buy large fish, and often buy very small ones, to be able to appreciate the smaller ones in a large pond is difficult as they can get lost. 

The new pond will be about 2,500 litres (550 imperial gallons), and filtered by a Nexus Eazy Pod - an eBay purchase we will be collecting next weekend. We had considered a number of different filter options. Wanting to combine a number of factors such as ease of use, the space available, filtering qualities, initial costs and running cost.

Our first plan had been to use black box filters, and we actually bought one for this purpose, but having spent some time considering the set up we decided this was not for the best and went with an Eazy Pod. Fortunately a second hand one was for sale close to us, so that will hopefully work well (on both the pond and our wallet).

We were so busy working inside we didn't take any photos of the koi house. The door is has been made, and hung, along with a sturdy lock to keep unwanted visitors out!

Inside has been where most of our time has gone this weekend, with the front of the pond finished off and clad in uPVC tongue and groove cladding. We are quite fortunate to have a fantastic family owned builders merchant close by who have helped us through out our projects, either in suggesting products to use or just talking the time to chat us through some of the techniques to complete whatever project we were on at the time.

With the clear plastic sides this building will also be useful for over wintering some of our tender plants, and to that end we will add a shelving unit along one side to house them.

The pond liner will go in next weekend, and with any luck we will have the wooden surround finished around the top of the pond as well. The filtration will take a little longer to set up, we will need to pick up a number of additional items, pipes, connectors etc. However i'm sure this will be a lot easier to connect up than the filtration on the main pond.

Some of the connections on the main pond.
There's still quite a bit to do but we are on the final stages now. Pond liner and filters in next then we can start to play with the space.

The space next to the new pond will house a small table and chairs as well as also provide space for a number of plants to over winter. I can see us spending quite a lot of time in here over the winter months!

Gaz :)

(hopefully we will have more photos to share in the next update)


  1. I continue to be impressed with your aptitude for what seem to me to be very technical projects. I'm always doing projects too, but mine seem to revolve around digging holes--taking stuff out or putting stuff in ! Looking forward to following your progress on this one..

    1. Thanks Kathy! Not long to finish now, hopefully...

  2. I suspect you will never run out of projects! We have always had an aquarium, and we hold our breath when introducing new fish. We have had an entire aquarium of fish wiped out by disease introduced by one sick fish from the pet store. Your pond is like a mega aquarium, and the idea of a quarantine pond is excellent.

    1. Thanks Debs! That's always a worry when introducing new fish but hopefully having a quarantine will definitely reduce that risk, if not totally prevent it :)

  3. I'm eager to see the finished pond and shed! It sounds like you're spoiled for choice on which wonderful new space to spend time in this winter. :)

    1. The shed will be, in theory an alternative place to hang out in even in winter Alan :)

  4. Sounds like this may be done by Christmas and you'll be able to take a bit of a rest from construction projects. Looking forward to seeing the completed shed o' fun!

  5. I'm impressed, as always, but your industry and accomplishments.

  6. Wow!!! I´m impressed...I can´t wait to see the new pond!


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