Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Late December at Alternative Eden

As parts of Northern England suffer from the effects of multiple storms bringing flooding its easy in our part of the world to think we are having a kind winter. We have only had a couple of light frosts and they were back in November, other than that it has been unseasonally warm, with day time temperatures regularly in the mid teens Celsius (high 50s/low 60s Fahrenheit). For our part of the country we have not seen the storms bringing damage but warm temperatures.

As a result the garden seems somewhat confused with hostas poking up from their extremely short winter slumber and neighbouring spring flowering trees showing blooms already.

If the cold does come it may be with quite damaging effects as plants suffer less when dormant but for now its giving us an easy time of it - nicer walk to the station in the morning and not having to put the heating on as much giving our wallet a well earned rest.

Tetrapanax rex pushing out new leaves
Middle patio area... this is honestly how it looks today.
The path past the Jungle Hut, still looking lush
Ensete maurelii planted as summer bedding, pushing out new leaves after November frost

We have added an additional member to our household that many of you will not have met yet.

This is Cotton, she's about 4 months old now and making her presence known with the other two cats. Knickers and her seem quite friendly despite her regularly tormenting him. Twinkles on the other hand does not seem best pleased to have a new kitten in the household and mostly just tolerates Cottons existence.

We haven't let her outside yet, but I'm sure she will have lots of adventures in the garden when she does finally get out!



  1. We don't blog as often in the winter, but if the growth in the garden continues at the pace it is at the moment, it may have to become a fulltime hobby!

  2. Doesn't even look like winter to me! Beautiful as always. Welcome Cotton! Luna and Kumo (my two white cats) send their greetings as well. :)

  3. How sweet...congrats on the new kitty...she's adorable!

  4. Hi Gaz, it is really amazing how lush your garden looks! As if you don't have a winter happening at all. Only the atmosphere of the light gives the season away...
    Congratulations to having a new kitti. She is very sweet and beautiful! Hope she gets more than tolerance from Twinkles soon, but you two can make up with lots of love for that ;-)!
    Wishing you guys a Happy New Year!

  5. Crazy weather. First daffodil opened here today..
    Great to see you back and Cotton is a real cutie!

  6. There you are! I was wondering just yesterday if the 2 of you had packed it in and moved to some exotic isle lacking internet service (which actually sounds very nice to me at the moment). Your warm winter temperatures mirror ours at the moment, except that we consider that very cold. Cotton is precious. I've been thinking that maybe it's time to adopt another cat but I don't think Pipig would be at all pleased - she loves her role as mistress of the household.

  7. Good to see an update from Eden! Your garden seems to be earning its name especially with such wonderful weather. I can't believe that calla(?) in the middle patio area looks so fresh in December. The PNW has been suffering from record-breaking rains, along with Northern England. Finally, we are expecting a dry stretch, but it will be accompanied by lows in the 20's Fahrenheit. Cotton is adorable, though she does seem to be saying, "Either put the camera away and pet me, or let me sleep."

  8. Glad to see some pictures of your garden, I've missed it, and so lush, lucky you! As Evan mentioned it's been wet here, extremely wet...now it all freezes.

    Cotton is a doll-face! Happy New Year to you both!

  9. Winter doesn't seem to have arrived, I think plants and the birds think it's Spring already. Your new kitten looks very sweet, hope you guys had a happy Christmas and here's to 2016!

  10. The garden really does not look wintery. I hope you are spared any destructive cold spells the rest of the winter. Happy New Year!

  11. Happy New Year, and hello Cotton!

  12. Happy New Year! Cotton is a cutie! Your garden looks quite lush, like the tropics. Temperatures here have been up and down, bouncing between freezing and summer warmth. Poor plants don't know what to do. I want them to stay asleep, though many spring-blooming shrubs are opening buds. We are expected to have frost the next three nights, so those premature blooms are going to suffer. I am afraid this is typical winter weather here.

  13. Nice to meet Cotton! I have a feeling white is your favorite color?!?

    I'd actually been wondering what happens in the garden when it's so unseasonably warm in the middle of winter. Keeping my fingers crossed your winter will continue to be mild.

  14. We'd seen on the news here that you were having a very mild Winter. Maybe you don't need to move to the tropics. It will come to you.
    Poor Twinkles, having to compete with all that cuteness. No wonder there's a bit of displeasure.

  15. Cotton is adorable and I'm glad you've added another feline family member as your jungle needs more fierce(?) cats lurking around! Your garden looks amazing as always and especially nice for this time of year. Crazy temperatures for sure. Wishing that you don't get any horribly cold weather to damage your newly emerging growth. Happy new year gentlemen!

  16. OMG beautiful plants!!! and a cute cat :) Thank you for sharing, visit me whenever you have time at http://its-dominica.blogspot.co.uk/ !! Kisses, Dominica S.

  17. Very nice garden, I have never seen such sunny weather in Winter before, especially England! Lovely kitten by the way :)


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