Saturday, March 03, 2018

Upper and Lower Barrakka Gardens, Malta

Last weekend we had a short break to Malta, staying in the capital city of Valletta. As a weekend destination Valletta has a lot to offer, lots of history, architecture, great places to eat as well as various museums and grand churches - lots with historical connection to knights and the crusades.
Whilst there we had to get a little garden fix, and took in the small gardens of Upper Barrakka and Lower Barrakka.
Both are free to enter public gardens, with plenty of tropical plants to whisk us away from the late wintery weather back home.

Lower Barrakka Gardens provides a great view of the Grand Harbour and the neighbouring city of Vittoriosa. At the centre of the garden is the Monument to Sir Alexander Ball, pictured above which is a neoclassical temple located at the centre of the garden. 

Upper Barrakka Gardens is about a 15 minute stroll from the lower garden, probably quicker if you are not taking your time as we were.
This garden is similar in style and has large terraces again providing great views.

We always manage to find some kitties to pet when we are away from home!

Terraces with great views

Valletta is not known for its gardens, however we always seem to need out fix!



  1. Another fun trip! Poor Sir Alexander Ball seems to be a little anatomically "off"....

  2. Oh what perfect timing to escape the grey and drear for a couple of days. I've warmed up just reading your post.

  3. Beautiful scenery! You two have great taste in resorts. I loved the view in the 6th photo (well, except for the cannons).

  4. A delightful and sunny break from the snow! Did you invite Enea over for tea?

  5. Ooh-la la Enea ! :O lol ! Yes great for you to get away ..but I would want to bring home those beautiful kitties !

  6. I've always wanted to visit Malta and the floor of St. John's Co-Cathedral -- thanks for a glimpse!

  7. Must have our garden fixes! The kitty on the bench seems to know how to enjoy a nice day. Thanks for the peek at the architecture as well as the gardens.


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