Friday, July 06, 2018

Garden Miscellany

Looking through some of the garden photos we've taken recently, there are those odd photos that roused our interest but not so much to dedicate an entire post about them.

So it's best to combine then in one post instead. A few of our garden miscellany...

Not many gardeners nowadays would recommend or deliberately plant running bamboos near fences or in such a tight space (gardening shows here in the early noughties seemed to have the penchant for doing just that).

Well we have several of such and as part of our maintenance of these plants is to leave surrounding paving stones loose so they can be lifted every so often, to check on rhizomes bidding to escape. Any rhizomes that do just gets cut off then the stone put back into place, easy peasy!

As well as growing plants we also like growing koi from small fish and these lot were maturing inside our growing on pond all of last year right up until a few weeks ago when most were already big enough to be moved to the big pond. And with space created in the growing on pond....

We just had to buy new ones to grow on. Eat up and get big boys and girls!

The Schefflera rhododendrifolia we have on the first raised bed near the koi pond always does this every spring. Not all of the buds survive though but it's a fascinating phenomenon and keep the plant looking 'lush' rather than umbrella like.

And to finish this miscellany...

The first time flowering of this Yucca recurvifolia, fantastic isn't it?

Mark :-)


  1. Hooray for new fish! The same thing seems to happen with my pot ghetto. As soon as I plant things out and it gets near empty, I start to fill it up again.

  2. Oh to have bamboos with that laidback UK temperament! ;)

    How many fish can the big pool comfortably hold?

    1. Made me laugh! The big pond has high capacity and still is under stocked, lots of room still :)

  3. I've never seen a Schefflera do that! I love your kaleidoscope of koi. Do they have predators in your area? Raccoons are a problem here.

    1. No thankfully but herons can be a problem...

  4. I look at the rampant bamboo planted by the original owners of our home, and I shudder. They had no idea how it would eventually march into the woods and compete for dominance with the Boston ivy, which they also planted, and the kudzu (gone wild in the southeast US after an agricultural experiment imported it for erosion control). Today we seek to keep it out of the parking area behind the house, as well as the vegetable garden. No hope to get rid of any of this stuff, short of Agent Orange.

  5. Oh my, your bamboo reminds me of the Phyllostachys vivax I planted 20 years ago before I knew anything about barriers. It's now trying to take over the world and controlling it is a constant battle. As its leaves fall all over the place this time of year, and rhizomes have escaped into the neighbor's garden, I keep threatening to get rid of the bamboo. It would be easier to move to a different house. Your new fish are quite handsome and that Schefflera is fab!

  6. Beautiful Yucca bloom--the flowers are brief here--do they last a while for you?

    I'm down to five koi after last year's pH crash, and a few new babies are tempting. Yours look fat and happy!


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