Wednesday, February 03, 2021

Fearless Gardening by Loree Bohl

Many of you may follow Loree Bohl's fabulous plant blog Danger Garden already and are familiar with her writing style and favourite subjects. Through the years she has treated us with her insights and adventures in the world of gardening which we can perhaps treat as a prelude to her wonderful new book Fearless Gardening.

We finally got hold of a hard copy of her book recently and it was such a wonderful treat to read through it. Page after page of words of wisdom, tips, and fascinating insight into the plants that she has grown through the years and the gardens she has visited. And more than just words, the book is richly filled with photos that reinforce her writing and at the same time resource of inspiration.

The book starts with a concise insight into her own personal journey, how it all began for her and an overview on how she got to where she is now, able to impart wisdom and guidance that is the basis of this published work of hers.

She then profiles maverick gardening characters who went on to create amazing gardens against the odds of their situation then to pave the way for others to be 'fearless' too in creating their own outdoor space with plants. And to further guide the reader into this way of thinking, commandments are outlined that is meant to richly encourage the reader to go ahead with this approach to gardening.

The journey of gardening is fraught with so many lessons to be learned and questions to be answered along the way that can often bring doubts to ones abilities, even among the most seasoned of gardeners. And this is more so for those who choose to go for less traditional styles of gardening and exciting architectural plants that are usually not associated with ones area. There are so many facets to consider and in the main body of the book these are all explored with ease and eloquence. Not only are you presented with practical information and resources, but alongside that you are treated with fine writing and witty anecdotes that make reading this book a source of entertainment and pleasure.

Loree, with ease will take you through several featured inspirational garden visits, practical aspects of bold and 'fearless' gardening and plant cultivation, aesthetics, and anything else in between to make the book totally cohesive.

A note for UK readers, most of the plants featured are in the Pacific Northwest of the United States whose climate are very similar to most parts of the UK. Hence most of the plants Loree features has a very good chance of thriving in British and of similar climate gardens.

A familiar view

If there's one gardening book we'd recommend you read for 2021, this would be the one to go for. And even if your choice of planting would only be marginally similar or completely different to the ones featured on the book, the philosophy and mindset of taking courage, having self belief, and being empowered to garden in a way that brings pleasure and adventure over set conventions will certainly not go amiss.

Lorees book and gardening approach can be summed up in one short statement.

Mark :)


  1. What a great review, especially since it validates the central message of the book as applicable to U.K. gardeners as well.

  2. I'll take this opportunity to applaud Loree's book again too! It's very "readable" (which isn't something I can say about all garden books). Loree also does a very good job at shaking up some of the rules that can stunt a gardener's creativity.

    1. Spot on, it reaches out to its readers with ease of unlike so many other gardening books

  3. So glad you've got the real book in your hands (or on your shelf). It looks like it will finally be available in the UK on Feb 8th... yay! Thanks for the thoughtful review and for letting me use that memorable bench photo.

    1. It’s an honour! Thank goodness for the tip from Instagram we got hold of a copy, I wonder why Amazon kept pushing back the release but looks like Feb 8 is firm now.


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