Tuesday, March 02, 2021

Project Update

We haven't shared an update on our latest project for a while so I thought it was time to put that right. We are making over the first pond, the one that started it all and led to building the large koi pond.

The major task has been to get the cladding on the walls, we have worked out a good routine with Mark cutting each piece to length with me fastening on. Getting a good rhythm going we have now completed everything that can be done at this stage.

With the site heavily constrained by plants, some of the bamboo have had to be tied back to give us space to work.

With the cladding finished, we have fitted guttering, opting for galvanised steel. I had expected this to be much harder than it actually was, with everything slotting and clamping together fairly easily.

With the old shed gone, its best not to look too closely at the Jungle Hut which has had to house all the homeless items.

The next phase of the project has kept us busy the last weekend. Next door have a large outbuilding, with a less than attractive façade facing us. With the fencing needing repairs we decided to embrace this and replace this entire section.

The new fence will be wooden, but to ensure it lasts we have used concrete spurs to fasten everything else on to.

Framing going up, all will be revealed in due course.

Adjacent to the new shed we are creating a feature on the fence, The idea is to give the impression of a doorway into the larger building next door. Allowing us to blend it into the overall design, rather than having to completely hide it.

Putting a frame together for what will become a small  roof over the door.

And it is up.

Sadly the long planted X Fatshedera lizei was in the way of the roof, so with a heavy heart this had a serious haircut. It should resprout, and was extremely leggy, so with any luck it will fill out and fit the new space much better.

Once the frame was up we were able to add the cedar shingles to complete the roof.  Before turning the the false door.

The new fence and door above should help disguise the building next door, it is already creating an interesting little corner in the garden.

Still plenty to do though, the door and roof has some finishing off to do, before we can turn to painting it all and bringing this corner of the garden to life.

Following that we can finally turn to the pond. When we built this pond we built off a concrete slab already in place in the garden, however with a desire to extend down we have turned to professionals who are going to come in with heavy duty angle grinders and a concrete breaker to remove the old base and dig down. All being well we should have a big hole in the ground in another weeks time.


  1. You two are nothing if not industrious!

  2. Following along with your projects is one of my favorite things!

  3. Excellent ..I love the faux door -hiding the neighbors is always a goal for me. Wise to hire out the pros for anything to do with concrete !

    1. Thanks Kathy! Definitely, too tiring and difficult to do it ourselves these days.

  4. You do first-rate work on all your projects. Inspiring!

  5. It looks as if you have a major work in progress there! Hope that keeps dry for you.


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