Monday, November 22, 2010

A Couple of Summery Shots

by Gaz
The trouble with starting a blog about an Exotic Garden at this time of the year is that the garden doesnt have much in the way of a tropical feel to it. So over the course of the winter we will post up a few photos from last year just to have a tropical fix!

The following photographs were all taken in September this year.


  1. Dear Gaz and Mark, I think that you are very brave starting a weblog in the depths of dismal, dreary days of winter about 'exotic gardening'. Still, I am looking to you to cheer us all through the dark days and even darker nights, freezing fog and smog that makes an English winter.

    Your September photographs are very impressive. I love the way in which you have created a complete sense of mystery, exuberant foliage effects and one is unsure of where the garden boundaries [assuming you have them] actually are. The bravura of it all will surely warm even the coldest of Decembers!!

    And, thank you so much for including my own weblog amongst your list of 'Favourites'. I am thrilled and look forward to our ongoing dialogue.

  2. I really liked the photos. I am sure that there are lots of things you can write about re exotics at this time of year - gardens that have inspired you, propogating, storing your tenders. It takes a while to get into blog writing and remembering to blog for yourself and not to worry too much about your audience!!

  3. Thanks for the comments :)

    It's true that it's rather tricky to start a weblog of Tropical gardening at the start of winter, when things are starting to look dreary and it will stay like that for next few months.

    What's good about it though is that there's much less to do in the garden now and we actually have the time now to get this started and get the hang of it. So come spring and summer we're more used to this and it'll be easier to keep our blog updated even when we'll be more busy outside.

    I'm enjoying this and I'm looking forward to meeting new people, and interacting with other like minded bloggers.

    There's lots to write about indeed! With it being winter, any current photos aren't likely to portray the plant looking its best, so will intersperse them with photos during the growing season.

    Will also feature individual or groups of plants we like in the next few weeks, plus our travels and garden visits :)

  4. Anyone who can grow a garden like that in the Ol' Dart is some sort of garden god. All hail to Mark and Gaz!!

  5. Hi Gaz and Mark,
    Here I am in the tropics trying to grow an English garden, and there you are in England trying to grow a tropical garden!The world's becoming more and more a global village...why, your garden could my garden's twin!

  6. Thanks again :)

    I guess there's this big element of trying to achieve a look that is totally different from what you usually have in your location.

    Rosie, vice versa, traditional 'English Garden' plants are exotic in the tropics :)


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