Sunday, November 14, 2010

Spring Begins in Autumn

Aesculus parviflora
Summer that's just gone past has been a very busy and fruitful time for us. We managed to complete lots of hard landscaping and planting that's been on our list of things to do, and now we're reaping the rewards by having an easier autumn, relaxing and taking it easy....for now.

Not that we're near completion, in fact far from it! There's lots more to do but it's only this year that we started to feel we've done a big chunk of it that we have areas that we can genuinely relax and rest on the fruits of our labour.

Trochodendron aralioides
And with this easier time that a new sort of spring begins for us, in autumn! I've been pondering for quite some time now on creating a blog to chronicle the progress of our garden, and to share my thoughts on plants, Koi keeping, and gardening in general. And now I've taken the plunge to actually doing one. And there's no turning back.

We have a shared passion for Exotic Plants, and creating our own garden with an Exotic theme. And throw in to the mix is our fondness for keeping beautiful Koi, gentle creatures that bring instant serenity to those who behold them.
Toona sinensis 'Flamingo'
Creating a garden is a beautiful thing, a wonderful experience always worth sharing. A new Spring begins for us in Autumn, and I'm excited!


  1. I love the first shot of Aesculus parviflora . . . truly magical and exciting to see the beginnings of new life unfurling. Wonderful colors and textures. How lucky to have this shared passion.

  2. Thanks Carol :)The new spring shoots of Aesculus are beautiful and lovely to watch as they unfurl and enlarge, and they change colours too.

    There are several hybrids out available here, with beautiful spring colours, I'll post another one in the near future.


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