Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring has Sprung

Spring has sprung, the grass is ris,
I wonder where the birdies is.
Some say the birds on the wing,
But thats absurd!
The wings on the bird!

My Grandmother used to recite this to me when I was just a toddler, and it has always stuck in my mind. I had always believed that this poem was by Spike Milligan, but double checking now it seems that it is often attributed to Ogden Nash, a New Yorker, but this also seems to be disputed. Regardless of who first penned this short poem it always brings a smile to my face just as the first signs of Spring do in the garden.

The UK, as many will know, had one of the harshest Decembers on record with plenty of snow and cold weather, however since the start of the year we have actually had quite a mild winter, so many of the deciduous and herbaceous plants are well on the rise again.

Here's a selection of what is springing up in our garden now.

Chusquea culeou

Schefflera rhododendrifolia (formerly S. impressa)

Hosta 'Sum and Substance'

Matteuccia struthiopteris

The fernery is waking up, in a few weeks the tree fern fronds will cast a lot of shade over the Oplopanax horridus in the centre of the photo.

Rhododendron mallotum

Farfugium aureomaculatum

So like the poem says "Spring is Sprung".



  1. Very interesting stuff coming up in your garden! How full your garden is!

  2. Looks prehistoric! lovely.

  3. Fantastic garden. All my Tulips have bloomed far too early this year and as a consequence some are already going over. It is nice to have the sun and warmth after November and December's harsh conditions, but it does worry me that it's confusing the plants!:o)

  4. Love the exotic look and you've created what looks like a private area. Very nice.
    Goldenray Yorkies

  5. HolleyGarden, always glad to see when perennials are starting to come back and trees/shrubs leafing out. The 'jungle' will get even fuller in the nex few months :)

    Dustin, glad you like the area :) Ferns and conifer combination does have a pre historic look to it.

  6. Thanks DD! It's been such a long and warm spring that nearly all plants are earlier to bloom than usual. Your late spring and summer perennials will be in bloom soon to take over your tulips :)

    Thanks Cher! This area is especially private as it's down at the bottom of the garden where it's not overlooked by any of the houses nearby. Great for solitude :)

  7. Definitely sprung! My Grandad used to recite that poem to me, so you made my day - well, evening. Wonderful photographs of your emerging jungle. The hosta looks amazing, but I think the ferns have to be the stars.


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