Sunday, November 06, 2011

Autumn Days

We are well into autumn in the UK, and the dry mild weather is continuing. We have been able to take advantage of the weather and continue with the pond project, as well as a couple of other jobs that have needed doing for a while.

One of the paving stones in the side passage had started to get quite wobbly recently and I thought I ought to sort it out. I had assumed a rhizome from the neighbouring bamboo might be the cause so I lifted the flag and was amazed to see so many rhizomes that had all grown under the stone.

Fortunately they had not got into the soil - just between the cement and the flag stone, so after cutting them all out and removing the old concrete I was able to relay the slab and a couple adjacent to it reasonably quickly. I'm glad I didn't leave this until next year as the bamboo may have done a lot more damage by then.

My dad helps with quite a few of the building jobs in the garden and complains that he doesn't get fair recognition in our blog! He was round this weekend to help me with the construction of the filter house for the pond.

The filter house will be clad in wood, with a reclaimed tile roof. Once it is complete I will show more details of what we have done, but here's a sample complete with my Dad, who is getting the first roof timbers ready.

With the weather so kind the garden is still looking great, so here's a selection of plants that caught my eye today.



  1. Love the Hedychium coronarium and that shot of the yellow bamboo! Also, yay for parents supportive of ambitious garden projects... :)

  2. Wow what a large impatiens niamniamensis, a personal fav! Do you just take cuttings at the end of the year and sacrifice the garden ones, or dig them up. What an awesome planting!

  3. Is your dad available for some long-distance work? :-)

    Your filter house looks huge. Will it be used for anything else, like storage or for plants?

  4. I was going to ask exactly what Gerhard did about your dad! I miss having my parents nearby...they were always up for a project, willing to pitch in and make it happen. Painting? Pruning? Hauling. Aways there...I wish we lived closer, it's the silly day to day things that allow you to really stay close and enjoy your family.

  5. I can't believe you're getting such lovely weather in Autumn!
    Your dad is a powerhouse...

  6. If you had not told us then I would have guessed your Dad was actually a picture of you. Parents should not moan about being unacknowledged as it is their fault you are here. Very talented chap he is and it's a shame his son doesn't take after him:-)

  7. Really nice garden! Your Dad so supportive ;) You are so lucky ;)

  8. Beautiful images of your garden. You certainly should give Dad credit! He looks like he's working hard. I know you appreciate him, and I'm sure he's quite proud to get a mention every now and then. That bamboo root looks bad. i hope your fix stays fixed!

  9. Your autumn garden looks lovely. I have roots growing under my paving stones, not as exotic as yours though.

  10. Wicked stuff, bamboo - beautiful though. 'Bout time you credited your dad by the sound of it... All this time, I thought your "pump house" was going to be a smallish timber box. How wrong I was, it's a fully fledged garden room! Very exciting - did you need planning permission?

  11. Hazel, Im sure he will be glad to hear your encouragement!

    CG - The ginger is Hedychium 'Devon Cream', which is a cross between Hedychium gardnerianum and Hedychium coronarium. It has proved hardy in our garden for the last few years and often flowers very late into the year.

    Nat - We usually take cuttings of the impatiens and leave the garden ones to the frosts, although I may dig one up as well this year.

    Gerhard - he is already acustomed to working abroad, as my parents are restoring a cottage in France, helping in our garden is something of a busmans holiday for him! We may put the odd plant in the filter house, as it will be fully insulated and we have double glazed windows courtesy of Ebay.

    Loree - We are fortunate that my parents live just around the corner, so when we are away they are able to step in to plant and cat sit, as well as help out with the garden.

    Mrs Bok - he sure is, and im sure he will be loving all this attention! We have been so lucky with the weather this year, I hope it lasts!

    Don - I'll remind him not to complain next weekend when we get the roof built!

    Orchid D-D - Thanks for your comments!

    HolleyGarden - Thanks, hopefully the bamboo will stay in its place this time!

    b-a-g bamboo and other roots can cause problems, and bamboo is so fast growing, fortunately these were simple to remove.

    Janet - despite the need to maintain bamboo we wouldnt be without them, so graceful and beautiful. The filter house could probably be smaller but it will be a useful storeage shed for fish related paraphernalia (nets, treatments, food etc). The overall height will be below the need for planning permission.

  12. What a wonderful Dad you have. Tell him we all think so!

  13. Thanks Hoover Boo! My Dad has read the comments and is well pleased :)


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