Sunday, June 17, 2012

Un Bel Di

Agave parryi
An Italian friend recently asked me when will the new pond build be finished, and I made her smile when I replied 'Un Bel Di'.

Un bel di, one beautiful day. The only thing is we need lots of beautiful days to get it finished and we haven't had many beautiful days, weather wise over the past few weeks. But today was different...

Un bel di. And suddenly there were so many possibilities. So we decided to do a bit of it all. 

The middle patio border
We did some more planting in the third raised bed (The planting scheme of the entire new garden I will feature at some point soon):

A very pot bound climber..
And a bit of this...

And I even had the chance to take a few more photos of the garden...

Kniphofia thomsonii

Butia archeri

I also gave our greenhouses a quick once over, to make sure the residents there are doing fine and not drying up (it never gets rainy inside our greenhouses after all!).

My 'meager' succulent collection, I ought to blog about my select collection separately.

Still undecided about the fate of this greenhouse, whether to keep it for plants, or use it to house a quarantine pond. But even if it did house a pond, I'm sure one or two plants will creep back in!
I've come to terms that some of the plants still in the greenhouse that usually go out in the summer will have to stay there this year. At least they won't be in the way in the working area which we are utilising now in getting wood work done for the pond built. There is a bigger greenhouse that is due to be erected but that is not a priority, not until we've finished the pond at least.

I quite like having our greenhouses almost full of plants in the summer for a change, to find interest in there rather than just empty shells in the warmer months. For a gardener, having a greenhouse, big or small is a wonderful thing to have. I couldn't recommend having one enough and wouldn't be without any of them.

And back to the pond, there's still lots to do but we'll get there.

So when will it be finished? Un bel di.

One beautiful day. It can be a test of patience and perseverance at times but it will happen, very soon. And I'll make sure of that.

Mark :-)


  1. You are very determined guys, so yes it will get done. The work isn't going anywhere. Now your garden. That second picture is beautiful. Such a wonderful combinations of plants it's hard to stop looking at it.

    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. It must have been frustrating to have time off work and the weather against you. Hopefully there will be fine weekends over the coming weeks.
    I too loved the glimpse of you garden in the second photo, and the peek inside your greenhouse.

  3. Impressive. That looks like a lot of work! One beautiful day at a time.

  4. Just love the middle patio border - so exuberant and full of lush growth! And how I miss having a greenhouse. In all the gardens I've had in the past, or jobs I've worked, I've had access to a greenhouse but since retirement I don't. My tiny town garden is just too small - I really miss being able to propagate and escape into the warmth on a chilly day!

  5. Un bel di, what a wonderful mantra. I tend to get impatient when something doesn't get done, so adopting an "un bel di" attitude would greatly help me. I can always play the Madama Butterfly aria :-).

    And while your succulent collection may not be huge, it's very choice!

  6. It's all looking fine. Great photo of the plants peeping out of the greenhouse.
    Just wondering how often you water your cactus pots ?

  7. wow that greenhouse is so full..... it's a wonder you can even move in that 2nd one. Just take one day at a time - the pond will get done eventually and you don't want to rush things and not do them properly at the outset.

  8. Mark, the photos of your gardens are making me speechless. It looks so in credible pretty and lush at this time of the year. I very much like that you put small gravel on top of the soil showcasing your succulents and other plants living in containers. It makes them stand out so well. The specimen of the Agave parryi is a particular lovely one! Hope the un bel di for the finishing of your pond project comes soon. I am sure the fish (and you guys) can't wait!

  9. Thanks Cher, we'll get there one day :) Glad you like that photo, it is currently my favourite part of the garden.

    Thanks Missy :) The weather wasn't very cooperative on our time off but it was productive nevertheless. On the plus side we used the time to redecorate parts of the house and tidying up, at least the interior of our house is looking smarter.

    Gardenenvy, one beautiful day at a time indeed!

    Hi Ian, I'm really pleased with that border on how it is looking now. I've always been happy with it though, with the gaps used to fill up colourful annuals for a changing yearly display. Maybe one day soon you'll be in a different property where you can squeeze in a small greenhouse at least. On the bright side at least you can escape to warmer climes during the winter months here!

  10. Thanks Gerhard! Love that aria and which reminds me I ought to check if our nearby theatre will have a production of Madam Butterfly again soon. I ought to blog about my little succulent collection soon too :)

    Hi b-a-g, I usually water all of my succulents once a week in the summer months especially the ones in the greenhouse, reducing the frequency in the winter. The ones outside I usually just let mother nature do the watering.

    Thanks Rosie :) We'll get there eventually and you're right, best to take our time and make sure things get done properly, no point rushing and possibly making mistakes. It will all be worth it in the end!

    Thank you Christina, glad you like what you've seen :) The gravel mulch on the succulent pots not only keeps weeds at bay, aids drainage too and enhances the look of the succulent. Un bel di , very soon I hope! And I bet the fishes can't wait as well!


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