Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Sunny Day at Hardy Exotics

As mentioned in my previous post it was sunny most of the time when we were in Cornwall, and sunny it was when we started our holiday by visiting one of the 'must visit' nurseries if you're into exotic and unusual plants - Hardy Exotics

The Canary Islands? Nope, Cornwall!

Being the exotic plant fans that we are we thought it was best to start the week long holiday by doing some plant shopping. The weather was gorgeous and when we arrived we were greeted by wall to wall sunshine and lush greenery, definitely puts you in a great mood right from the very start.

Now this was just the view from the carpark...

This is the sight that greeted us the moment we stepped into the sales area...
They have some plants for sale by the area at the entrance but the nursery is also composed of several polytunnels that are all full of plant treasures. Each polytunnel is like an Aladdin's cave!

Impatiens omeiana 'Ice Storm'
Impatiens omeiana
The Petasites cannot hide what lies beyond...
A basket? No, we need a trolley!
A stock plant of Schefflera taiwaniana (Edward Needham form)
This is probably my favourite polytunnel, bananas and succulents, contrast yet complemental...

Echeverias and Dudleyas
Echeverias and Graptopetalums
The Shade tunnel with several treasures...

Podophyllum delavayi
Podophyllum delavayi flowers
Mitella sp.
Fatsia polycarpa (Edward Needham form)
Several plant treasures are also dotted around, here's a few more...

Epimedium perralchicum
Sonchus fruticosus
Anyone hazard a guess at naming each plant in this photo?
Schefflera delavayi
Schefflera taiwaniana (Edward Needham form)
Some of the plants growing happily in our garden for the past few years have been originally sourced from this nursery. The owners Clive and Julie are passionate nurserymen (and women!!) who continue to source and propagate rare and unusual plants, which eventually filter on to other enthusiasts (like us!).

So what did we go home with in the end? You know what, I can't remember exactly but there's a Pseudopanax, Rubus, Rodgersia, the Mitella in the photo above, Begonias, Asarums, and few more bits and pieces. Our visit there was just the start of our holiday so by the time we were on our way home the boot of our car looked like this:

And quite a good chunk of that lot are from them! It's a happy haul!

Mark :-)


  1. wow that looks like a place I need to visit! the landscaping looks amazing, especially the first few pictures. you did well to only get a car load!

  2. Great place to plan a few hours at. Love what all they have.

    Cher Sunray Gardens

  3. Wow! That's a place that would be hard to resist. I saw some agaves that we don't even have here in Texas...and this is their HOME! Great plant collector you have there.

  4. Happy haul indeed. Traveling with you guys would be so much fun...

  5. A most excellent plant haul, looks like a dangerous place to visit. I love exotic nurseries!

  6. Hi Clive, you definitely need to visit this nursery soon, you'll love it and won't be surprised if you come out with a big haul. A holiday in Cornwall would even be better :)

    Cher, you can spend a good few there, looking at the plants and chatting with the owners!

    David, I'm also amazed at the variety of plants (not just agaves)that can be found here, thanks to ardent plant collectors and gardening enthusiasts in the UK :)

    Loree, who knows, might be in the future! Vice versa!

    Nat, it's a dangerous place to visit indeed, so many goodies to choose from!

  7. I can't wait to visit again! Its years since I've been there but unless anything goes wrong I'll be back in late June! I've no room left in my tiny garden but I guess I'll still come back with a load of plants!

  8. Hi Ian, good to hear you're going back, you'll have a fab time! There always room for more even in packed gardens, and difficult to leave behind some plants you find irresistible :)

  9. I would have really liked the Podophyllum delavayi...

  10. CG, its a stunning plant!

  11. Well I see some very nice fatsia's in that picture and some persicaria plants that I would love to be able to grow here......highly unlikely though up here in cold Scotland. My favourite is that Podophyllum delavayi - I've always wanted to grow that.

  12. Two kids in a lolly shop.
    I would have been the same. You will have to invest in a car with a bigger boot for next time you visit maybe.

  13. Hi Rosie, Fatsia japonica might be fine for your location in Scotland, and you might find that most of the herbaceous Persicarias are perfectly hardy in your area too :)

    Missy, perfectly described :) We could do with going there with a van next time!

  14. I love going on these shopping trips with you! I get to look and choose, and I don't spend a thing! :) The sight of the back of your car is funny. Only a gardener would understand, and be a bit envious!

  15. Hi Holley, so glad you enjoyed coming with us. Not much room in the car for anyone else though, we had to fold the back seats down to fit everything in!

  16. Great place to visit whenever I'm down that way. The biggest problem is that there are too many 'must have' plants at reasonable prices - and my garden is small and very crowded. I haven't been down this year - must go over the summer.

  17. I swear, this must be the summer of Podophyllum delavayi. I'd never heard of it before but now I've seen it on nearly every blog I read!

  18. Hi John, you'll love it there and well worth visiting next time you're down in Cornwall. And there's always room for a few more plants despite having a packed garden :)

    Tom, it could well be the exotic plant of the year :) The only thing with this Podophyllum is it seems to be one of the first ones to sprout and is at risk from late frosts (which happened to ours). I'll have to wait again next year :)

  19. Amazing that this is in Cornwall! What a wonderful space!

  20. This is one of our favourite nurseries MrsBok, just a pity its so far from us!


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