Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Morning at Bobs Pond

The Koi club we are members of had a get together this morning at Bobs pond. Bob is local to us and has offered advice and tips during our build. His own pond is fairly new, after Bob extended his old pond enclosed it with a roof and side walls.

As you can see above Bobs pond has two sheds incorporated into  the design, the left hand side holds the filters and the right hand side is currently a store but may eventually hold a growing on tank. 

 Enjoying breakfast in the garden with a rather nice Trachycarpus fortunei in the back ground.

A stunning selection of koi.

After a while we were even blessed with sunshine (and more breakfast!)

Love the old trunk and miners lamp

Bobs filter house has a lot packed in!

A view across the pond with Zantedeschia in the background, a very useful plant as it will eat up huge amounts of fish waste.

Bob telling us about the one that got away!

Violet enjoying the attention

By the end of the morning the sun was getting quite strong, the fish are shaded, but we baked, hopefully summer is now here!



  1. What great photos. Loved all the Koi photos. Looks like everyone had a nice time and how nice that he put on this get together for friends. Like his pond. The little girl is sure a cutie pie.

    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. The koi fishes are a beautiful breed. Now this part of the garden will be enjoyed with friends and family.

  3. I've never seen a pond even remotely like that before. Thanks for the comment guys.

  4. Cher it was a lovely day, and Bobs garden was a great place to relax in the sunshine. Isn't Violet lovely!

    Autumn Belle, glad you enjoyed visiting Bobs pond too.

    Jordan, thanks for stopping by, its an amazing pond Bob has there.

  5. Sounds like a fun time. Looks like a great group of people coming together. I like the whole set up....especially the plant in the corner over the water....a magical little oasis:)

  6. The Zantedeschia in the corner works well. Its on a planting shelf with a hidden panel at the side for access from the shed for maintenance.

  7. Beautiful fish, but my goodness that is a lot of equipment to keep them healthy! Its all so immaculate too, I can almost feel the passion he must have for it all from here. Looks like a fun way to get breakfast - though judging by the torrential rain we are enjoying here, summer is still hiding.

  8. Hi Janet, its a lovely garden that Bob has, and the pond is so clean and clear with all the filtration.

  9. Beautiful koi shots! When are you going to post about your school(?) of koi?


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